Spring Cleaning

Make & Take @experienceoilhealth

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Saturday, May 21 @ 2 & Sunday, May 22 @ 2

Your invited to attend a Spring Cleaning Make & Take class in Fishers! Please reserve your spot ASAP as class size is limited!

You will have the opportunity to make 10 items!

1. All Purpose Spray

2. Wood Polish Spray

3. Glass Spray

4. Room Refresh Spray

5. Grease Cutting Spray

6. Stain Remover Spray

7. Door Knob Spray

8. Shoe Refresh Spray

9. Produce Spray

10. All Purpose Paste

Bonus: Bug Spray!

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All Glassware, Labels, and Ingredients will be PROVIDED!

Cost for members: $50

Cost for members (BYOO: Bring your Own Oils): $40

Oils Needed: Melaleuca, Lemon, Wild Orange, On Guard, Purify, Peppermint

Cost for non-members: $60