Mustang Message

Week of April 7, 2014

A Principal's Perspective

What a week! Thank you to the staff for your support of our 4th graders as they were testing. We had a successful week due to everyone helping and supporting our students and teachers that were testing.

Please take note of the information in this message. Lots going on for us at GP! I will have to share that I am very proud of our staff and the learning/working environment that we are creating together. I feel strongly that we are meeting our Mustang Mission each day. When interviewing teacher candidates, I want you to know that we are interviewing the best of the profession. You as a staff have raised the bar high when selecting future GP staff members!


Morning Duties of the Week

Morning Assembly (7:30): Gibbs

Gym (7:20): Eberle

Cafeteria (7:20): Brice

Bus (7:20): Matthews

Parent Drop Off: Bahls & Bingaman

Librarian: At GP

Counselor: 3rd & 4th Grade

Week at a Glance

Monday, 4/7: Jean Day for Rodeo Bakers

Tuesday, 4/8: 1st Grade to the Waco Zoo; Faculty Meeting

Thursday, 4/10: Relay for Life Participants for Jean Day, PTO Staff Luncheon- Texas Roadhouse!

Friday, 4/11: Kinder to the Oil Ranch; Last Day of 5th Six Weeks!

News & Notes

  • We are growing for next year! I met with Mr. Walker, our personnel director, to discuss staffing. We have a team already interviewing for possible teaching positions. We are projected and have been given the okay to hire six new teachers. We have two teachers leaving (Tia & See Below...) this year. So, that makes eight teachers that we are in need of hiring for next year. Our staffing for classroom teachers will be: K - 8, 1st - 9, 2nd - 8, 3rd - 6, and 4th - 7. Wow! I can say that we have been interviewing awesome candidates - the best of the best! Contracts have been sent out to the professional staff on campus. If you are thinking or if you know that you will not be returning, please let me know. Having these conversations will help in planning adequately for next year.
  • Thank you to the staff for helping while Jenny was out. We were glad to have her back today! We missed you Jenny! Thank you to Brenda Welch, secretary at Pebble Creek, for coming over to GP and updating our copy counts for the month. Much appreciated!
  • We are expecting our PTO to provide an additional $15,000 to spend by the end of the year. So far, we have approval to purchase $5,000 additional library books which is needed to have a positive book/student ratio. We requested $1,000 for kinder big books. Finally, we have requested $100 for art gift cards for students in the art program. The rest of the funds will be requested at the May PTO meeting. If you have grade level needs and/or suggestions about the funds, please visit with me. We made about $23,500 from the rodeo with $18,200 as profit! This is without the auction that we did not have this year!!! For this academic school year our PTO has given our campus over $45,000 to enrich our campus! Yea PTO! Next year the PTO will have approx. $14,350 for school items in their budget: 1,200 for field trips K-3, $800 for 4th Grade, $3,000 for 4th grade field trip to Austin, Fun Fund K-4 ($250) for enrichment/guest speakers, etc., STAAR Snacks, and Teacher Grants-$4,000. Please note, each grade level has $250 to spend this year for their Fun Fund. What an awesome PTO!!!!

Mustang Yee Haws!

Congratulations to Ann McMullin who is retiring this year! We are happy for you and wish you the very best! What a party we are going to have to celebrate two outstanding teachers to the profession - Mr. Cain & Mrs. McMullin!

Naphtali Teran, daughter of Amanda, received a 1 Rating on her violin solo last week at Cypress Grove!

Sarah Porter earned $125 Scholarship at the SkillsUSA competition. She placed 1st place in ILS Writing and Technical Computer Applications. Her daughter, Jennifer, was selected as a member of the Improv Troupe at Consol!

Check out GP Rodeo pictures on the Eagle News Website:

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Hmm - Something to Ponder...Only 7 more Mondays (8 if you include Memorial Day holiday)!