Special Weather Update

Potential E-Learning Days

The weather forecast for this weekend has the potential for winter weather. There is the potential that if this is a major event, it may disrupt the traditional school schedule for part of next week.

If this were the case, Clinton Middle School would shift to e-learning days until our district leadership decides that it is safe for students to return to school.

As a reminder, e-learning means that students would work on their own on assignments that were communicated to students by teachers. There would NOT be a set time where students had to log-in, but rather the assignments could be done at any time.

Attendance and grades for the e-learning days would be based on the completion of the assignments.

Winter weather always holds the possibility of power and/or internet outages. Because of this, our teachers are asking students to download work before the end of the day on Friday January 14th. In the event that a student did not have access to power or internet, the assignments could still be completed.

Please help us by asking your student to take the necessary steps to download their assignments in advance of the end of the school day on Friday. If your student would prefer a paper copy, most teachers can accommodate this request if it is communicated individually by the student to the teacher.

If you have any questions, you can contact Clinton Middle School at (864) 833-0807.