The Weekly Growl

October 30 - November 3, 2017

Please come by the Library and take your picture for our "Thankful" display! We would like to put it up this week for display throughout the month of November.

This Week

Monday, October 30

  • Flu Shot Clinic for Students

  • PTA Teacher Appreciation Trick or Treat

  • 5:30 7B/7A Football @ Cedar Valley

  • 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball @ Grisham

  • 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball vs. Grisham

Tuesday, October 31

  • 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. Cedar Valley

Wednesday, November 1

  • 3:45 BLT Meeting

Thursday, November 2

  • Have a great day!

Friday, November 3

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans

Saturday, November 4

  • PTA Holiday Party of Thanks
  • Region Choir Clinic and Concert
  • Region Band Auditions, Round 2

Next Week

Monday, November 6

  • 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. Chisholm Trail

Tuesday, November 7

  • SPHS Choir Vertical @ RRPAC
  • 5:30 8B/8A Footbal @ Chisholm Trail

  • Theatre Trip to Renaissance Festival

Wednesday, November 8

  • Veteran's Day Assembly

  • Faculty/Department Meeting

  • Activity Bell Schedule

Thursday, November 9

  • Activity Bell Schedule

  • 2:30 The Glow Up - Penny Wars Reward Party

Friday, November 10

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • Theatre One Act Play Festival @ RRPAC

  • Nov. 10 6:00 - 8:00 HeMS Family Dinner Night

  • End of 2nd Six Weeks

Looking Ahead

Nov. 13 - 17 Digital Citizenship Week

Nov. 15 Activity Bell Schedule

Nov. 15 Theatre One Act Play Performance

Nov. 15 2:40 Pep Rally

Nov. 15 Grade Level Meetings

Nov. 16 5:30 Girls BB 7B/7A @ Walsh

Nov. 16 5:30 Girls BB 8B/8A vs. Walsh

Nov. 16 6:00 Free Laptop Giveaway, Library

Nov. 17 8th Grade Visits SPHS

Nov. 20 - 24 Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov. 27 5:30 Boys BB 7B/7A vs. Hopewell

Nov. 27 5:30 Boys BB 8B/8A @ Hopewell

Nov. 29 Committee Meetins

Nov. 29 5:30 Girls BB 7B/7A vs. Hopewell

Nov. 29 5:30 Girls BB 8B/8A @ Hopewell

Nov. 30 Girls B Team Basketball Tournament, Location TBA

Nov. 30 Regional Orchestra Sectionals @ DMS

Dec. 1 - Dec. 2 Regional Orchestra Clinic @ RRPAC

Dec. 1 Bulldog Bash

Dec. 1 - 20 Gilder-Lehrman Exhibit in Library

Dec. 2 Girls B Team Basketball Tournament, Location TBA

Dec. 2 PTA Holiday Party of Thanks

Dec. 4 5:30 7B/7A Boys BB vs. Cedar Valley

Dec. 4 5:30 8B/8A Boys BB @ Cedar Valley

Dec. 5 What Will IB? Day

Dec. 6 5:30 Girls BB 7B/7A @ Cedar Valley

Dec. 6 5:30 Girls BB 8B/8A vs. Cedar Valley

Dec. 6 BLT Meeting

Dec. 7 Girls 7/8A BB Tournament

Dec. 8 Theatre II Showcase

Dec. 8 Celebration Day

Dec. 9 Girls 7/8A BB Tournament

Dec. 11 5:30 7B/7A Boys BB vs. CD Fulkes

Dec. 11 5:30 8B/8A Boys BB @ CD Fulkes

Dec. 12 Band Winter Concert

Dec. 13 Faculty/Department Meeting

Dec. 13 Orchestra Winter Concert

Dec. 14 5:30 Girls BB 7B/7A vs. CD Fulkes

Dec. 14 5:30 Girls BB 8B/8A @ CD Fulkes

Dec. 15 Caroling to the Elementary Schools

Dec. 15, 16 RRISD Folklorico

Dec. 15 MS Region Band Clinic

Dec. 15 3:45 - 5:45 Holiday Dance, Cafeteria

Dec. 18 5:30 7B/7A Boys BB @ Deerpark

Dec. 18 5:30 8B/8A Boys BB vs. Deerpark

Dec. 19 Winter Festival Extravaganza, Theatre, Choir, Dance

Dec. 19 Orchestra Classes Play in Library, All Day

Dec. 20 5:30 Girls BB 7B/7A vs. Deerpark

Dec. 20 5:30 Girls BB 8B/8A @ Deerpark

Dec. 20 Grade Level Meetings

Dec. 21 End of 3rd Six Weeks

Dec. 21 Last Day for Students

Dec. 22 Student Holiday/Staff Development

Dec. 25 - Jan. 5 Christmas Break

Jan. 8 - Student Holiday/Staff Development

Jan. 9 Students Return from Christmas Break

Big image
A big thank you for Stephanie Cabrera, Karen Stringer, and Randi Tinzel for offering their time and effort locating awesome resources for our 7th grade students to use in our English classrooms. They are always willing to go the extra mile for our students and lend a helping hand when in need. I value each of these ladies very much.

Another big thank you for Danya Gardner for always offering her assistance whether it's academically-related or simply personal. Thank you for being a great listener.

Mr. Mann---thank you for always checking in on us teachers and offering to help us out when we needing another set of hands in the classroom. You rock!

- Susan Ruiz

I want to thank Amanda Morales and SixMarie Martinez for always being so positive and making every day fun. They love our kids as if they were their own and treat them with the respect they deserve. They have made this an amazing school year so far and I am so blessed to have them on my team.

- Ashley Brunette

Mrs. Lopez! For being so passionate with her Program, for being so selfless and for always thinking of the Office!!

- Marbel Donosso

To my Spanish team for being so supportive and sticking together. To Briana Flores and Allison Lee for being helpful and awesome.

- Norma Brenner

October Birthdays

Beth Dees 31

November Birthdays

Mpumie Masuku 2

Norma Brenner 8

Jean Sarre 26

Dayana Martinez 28

If we missed your birthday, please reply with the date so we can include you!