Middle School Tech

December 2015

FID Days

Flexible instruction days:

Please let a tech leader know if you are in need of instruction for creating a Google classroom, uploading an assignment, or inviting students to join your class.

Instructions for using Google classroom are located here:


A Google Classroom tutorial is located here:


Additional support is in the McGuffey Professional Development classroom, as well.

Google Chrome

Many of our computer issues can be rapidly fixed by making sure Google Chrome is our default browser. Contact a tech leader if you need help setting Google Chrome as your default browser.

Ed Shelf


Looking for something tech related for your classroom? In need of a specific app?

Trying something new in your classroom?

Use Ed Shelf to search for just the right solution. It's free!

Ask a Teacher!

Want some advice from other teachers?

This is a great web resource for finding out what works for other teachers.

Check it out!