New Beginnings!

He's Here!

Hello Team! Allow me to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, Baby Jeremiah! Joseph Jeremiah Poteete was born on February 21st at 2:31pm weighing 7lbs 12oz. We are looking forward to our new beginning as parents and enjoying our journey. I can't wait for you all to meet him in person, he's pretty amazing. He is also the reason I'm coming off maternity leave and getting back to business! Let's get started....

New season new collection! What are your fav's?


Goes to Donna Mazon, Naima Smith-Moore and Natasha Bryant for sharing Stella & Dot style last month! Congratulations ladies for hanging the "OPEN" sign and earning income to take that trip, go shopping or even get a mani-pedi for yourself! You deserve it! What will your little blue card purchase be?


Angelica took last month by the horns and QUALIFIED earning her some extra spending cash and free business credits! Why pay for the new catalogs when you can get them free! Angelica also unlocked her 50% off new samples rewards! Way to go lady, keep up the good work!


So much is happening with Stella & Dot! Feeling overwhelmed? Lost? Unsure of what is happening with all these NEW changes? Let's talk about it! When is a good time for you to discuss your business goals? Take time to get back to the basics. Join a stylist training call, there is one every day this week. Log into your lounge, look under News and you will see Today's training call schedule.

Even though you may not have been working your business, it hasn't stopped. Your website is still live and you are sitting on a cash cow! Take 5 minutes today to send an email to a stylish friend and tell her about your website! I bet there are a few fashionista's at your job or in your circle that you can send that email to. Join a call and get some ideas on how to get your business moving forward! I will be calling each of you this week to see how your doing and to make BIG BOLD declarations about your business. It's time for us to shake things up and set some goals so don't push me to voicemail! :)