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November 2018

Dates to Remember

Mid Term - November 9

Thanksgiving Break - November 22 and 23

eLearning Day - November 28

October's Newsworthy Classrooms

Senior STAR Day

On October 10th, seniors were able to participate in STAR Day where they were able to job shadow a career of interest, visit a college, complete work-based study, or volunteer. 120 seniors participated in STAR Day and completed activities like visiting Rose-Hulman, volunteering in a nursing home, or recruiting students to the CTE Program.

"I really enjoyed how STAR Day allowed students to get out and explore colleges and even job shadow their possible future career. It gives students a great way to see what their possible future could hold. At my visit to Rose-Hulman, I learned that the professors there really care about the students who go here. The professors want to see you succeed. The school is a tough school to attend, but if you work hard and pay attention to what is taught, the payoffs after college will be extraordinary." - Devin Weakley

"On star day, I worked from 6 am to 6 pm at Homewood Nursing Home, in Lebanon. I enjoyed every minute about it because I learned a lot about the residents. I decided to go and work on Star Day because it is my job and I love doing/learning everything I can about resident care." - Bethany Gibson

"For Star Day, I traveled to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds with the Radio/TV Program. I talked to Freshman from Southmont, North Montgomery, Crawfordsville, and Western Boone. The students learned how to read off a tele-prompter, which holds our scripts, and operate a fishbowl microphone. I enjoyed working with every student and teaching them the fun and exciting opportunities that the Radio/TV Program offers." - Jordan Kiger

Touring Local Businesses

Western Boone, Crawfordsville, North Montgomery, and Southmont high schools partnered up to send over 600 freshman students to 45 local companies to tour their buildings and see what a career with them would look like. This day was designed to expose 9th grade students to careers available in our area, most of which were considered "high-needs" fields, meaning the positions have a shortage of available workers. Students were in groups targeting Public Safety, Communication, Manufacturing, Transportation/Logistics, Agriculture, and Health Careers. Students then spent a day visiting three local businesses to learn more about careers that may interest them. Students visited local businesses in each of these areas in the morning and then visited the Montgomery County Fairgrounds for a vocational program fair, where the kids could learn about vocational opportunities available to them when they become juniors and seniors.

"The day was two-fold in that, we want to get students to start thinking about careers earlier. Not that they have to have their mind made up right off the bat, but we want to expose them to the variety of options available to them--some of those that require a four-year degree or more. And, others that may require a two-year degree, a certification, or specialized training. Second, showing students what options are available to them in Boone County is important. It is good for students to explore what their community has to offer, and how they can get involved in meaningful ways.

We know the employers really enjoyed having the students visit. Nothing has really been done like this before, and we have heard nothing but positive remarks from our local industry. And some were even willing to hire right on the spot!" - Mr. Clayton Randolph

"My group of kids visited Bill Estes in Lebanon and learned about qualities and skills they look for in auto repair technicians. We got to see an entire engine being replaced due to a teenager who was hot rodding in his Cadillac and the kids seemed to enjoy that. We also visited AHW and INDOT in Crawfordsville and learned about what it takes to work on John Deere equipment and the kinds of workers INDOT needs to keep up with road repair. There are good paying jobs out there for our kids who don't want to go to college at all or wish to get certification or two year degrees. I am so happy we had this opportunity to expose our kids to these opportunities." - Ms. Query

"When I was on the field trip it was good to have the opportunity to learn different things. The best part about the trip was going to the John Deere dealership. The most interesting thing that I learned at the dealership was about the tractors and how you can control them with a remote control on a tablet. The way that technology has been changing over the years is incredible and it's good for the farmers. Farmers could go somewhere and still have their tractor running and taking down corn while they're not there because it is all done by remote on a cellular devise. Someday it is going to change life as we know it for agriculture, and also for the farmers of America." - Tyler Smith

"What I liked about the field trip was that we got to go to Radio Mom and see what it's like to be on the radio." - Maddie Walker

Mr. WeBo

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A new Mr. WeBo has been crowned! Mr. WeBo is the yearbook's winter fundraising which has junior and senior Western Boone male students compete in four categories: opening dance, swimwear, on-stage question, and talent. The talent-level at this year's event was among the best seen at Western Boone, which made for a great show. When the final votes were tabulated, the crown for Mr. WeBo went to junior Ethan Shepherd.

"I signed up for Mr. WeBo due to the constant encouragement to give it a shot from multiple yearbook members as well as Ms. Weber. My best memory from this experience was seeing my fellow students put on such a great show!" - Ethan Sheperd

"I signed up for Mr. Webo to support the yearbook staff in raising money, to provide entertainment for the community, and to exhibit my skills and personality in an interesting way. I really enjoyed my experience with the Mr. Webo competition because it was fun to see my fellow competitors' performances and hear the great jokes." - Zach Neff

"I signed up for Mr. WeBo because the Yearbook staff pushed it really hard and told all potential competitors how fun it could be. I enjoyed sharing laughs and talents with the other competitors when we were preparing for the show." - Peyton Young

"I signed up for Mr. Webo because I was asked by some of the yearbook staff and Kennedy Chelf to compete in Mr. Webo. What I enjoyed most about the experience is that I could go out and have fun while competing for the Mr. Webo crown and sash." - Jacob Fennell

Counselor's Corner

October has been focused on post-secondary readiness for all students. In addition to our freshmen touring local businesses and learning about CTE options, our seniors participated in STAR Day which allowed them release to work, job shadow, visit a college, or participate in a community service activity.

Seniors have been hard at work completing college and financial aid applications. Students planning to attend ANY TYPE of post-secondary education (2-year, 4-year, trade school) should complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine financial aid eligibility. FAFSA is filed online at and must be completed by April 15 (though submitting in the fall is highly recommended). Scholarship season will be coming soon. Seniors should watch your inbox for the senior newsletter which will feature local scholarship opportunities.

Seventh and eighth grade students who meet the income guidelines for free or reduced lunch may also be eligible for the Indiana 21st Century Scholars Program. This income-based program provides tuition assistance for higher education to eligible students to attend an Indiana college or tech school. Students MUST enroll during 7th or 8th grade, fulfill the Scholar Pledge, and complete the Scholar Success Program in high school. Online enrollment can be completed at Contact Mr. Pelley for more information.

High school students enrolled in the 21st Century Scholars Program are reminded to complete your Scholar Success requirements to remain eligible. See Mr. Pelley if you need assistance with your password or accessing your account.

WeBo Art Gallery

Unsung Heroes

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Western Boone custodian, Davey Calvert, was recently featured in an Indy Star article. To read Davey's article, click here: Unsung Heroes of No. 1 Western Boone football are the custodians.

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