Just In Time ELAR Training

Kinder & 1st - Don't Miss the Boat for the 2nd 9 weeks

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What you need to know

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4 Corners - Talk about it

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Don't Miss the Boat

We will use some visual cues to help us focus on some Learning Keys Components that we want to include in our lessons. Notice how many of these are included in the PA's!


Does this activity lend itself to higher order thinking?

5 Word Summary - Overview of your 9 weeks

This is a group activity. First highlight your grade level essentials on the TVD to see what you need to emphasize this grading period. Then read the overview and highlight key words. As a group decide on the 5 most important words to create a 5 word summary.
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Super Sensory - Food: A feast for the senses

Unit Vocabulary is important!

Teach what it is and what it isn't.
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Head bands activity

This is a review activity for kids who can read or recognize the words.

Your partner has a word on their head band. They can't see it, but you can. Try to help them guess by

1. explain what it is without saying the word.

2. tell them what it isn't without saying the word.

3. give examples, act it out or draw a picture to help.

Is this Head bands activity a form of formative assessment?

Turn and talk to a partner. What would you do while the students complete this activity to gather information (data) and what would you do after this activity for students who were struggling?

The PA's

The Performance Assessments in TEKS Resource System are valuable tools for teachers! You are missing the boat if you haven't included them in your planning.

I do. We do. You do.

Practice with the PA's


Guided practice

Independent practice

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The Sack Lunch

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How is this poem similar?


Alliteration of P's!
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Alliteration Rap by Justin Vaughn (With Vocals)
Frog - a list poem

Castaways share what you think about that activity.

What features from our Learning Keys training did you notice?
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Genre Hang ups

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Let the kids animate their drawings to retell a story.