Community Ranger

By: Lucas J.

Salary Range

The Salary Range you make is $23,900 per year and you make $11.49 per hour if you are a Community Ranger. I like this payment because you can at least make a living out of it.

Description of Job

You deal with any unwanted behavior to nature. Also you keep the nature in perfect condition. You also get to see the wild life in action and keep the animals safe. You can also help people that are in need of your help.

Education Needed

You will need many degrees to become a Community Ranger:

  • Bachelors Degree in Science
  • A Certificate in Animal Care
  • Deer Stalking
  • First Aid

Environmental relationship between the environment and your job

My job has to do with the environment because you deal with and protect the wilderness and any animals in it. You also get to help people that need it. My job also catches anyone harming or useing nature inappropriately in anyway.


Some advantages are you get to see many cool and different things outside. You feel good knowing you are helping to protect nature. You also get to ride in cool vehicles. You get to meet a lot of people and help those in need.


Some disadvantages are that you have a chance of getting hurt by the people harming nature. You also have to spend a lot of time doing this job so you can't plan a lot of vacations. You also always have to be ready in case of any emergencies.

Any interesting facts you found

I found out that you get to take your pet to work with you sometimes. Also, you get to do and see awesome stuff that you may not have had a chance to see if you were not a Ranger.