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Our next Open House is on Saturday October 23rd at 10:00am. Who do you know who might benefit from The New School's holistic approach to education? Please feel free to invite them as your guest!

We are looking for student and parent volunteers at this Open House. We will be holding a few mini-classes and running a shortened version of a school day to give attendees a feel for what learning looks like at TNS. Please connect with Christine if you are able to help out.

Next Open House - Join us!

Saturday, Oct. 23rd, 10am-1pm

38 York Street

Kennebunk, ME

Join us for our next open house! Invite a friend who might be interested in The New School, and bring them as your guest.


Guiding Principles: To graduate from The New School, students must demonstrate ways in which they embody our six Guiding Principles. All of our learning adventures support growth in one or more of these principles. Students at TNS strive to become Responsible and Involved Citizens, Clear and Effective Communicators, Creative and Practical Problem Solvers, Collaborative and Quality Workers, Self-Directed and Lifelong Learners, and Integrative and Informed Thinkers. As our Seniors shape their final year at TNS, they are keeping the Guiding Principles in mind while designing their Senior Projects.

Involved Citizens: The whole school is learning more about what it means to be Responsible and Involved Citizens in our Public Policy, Arts, and Activism class. This week we learned the basics of the legislative process and how an idea can become a bill and eventually a law. Ask a New Schoolian about the official state crustacean or the official state dessert. Next week we will be holding mock public hearings and also learning more about what happens in legislative committees.

Student Committees: Speaking of committees...our student committees had their first full work session last Thursday. Students interested in restorative practices have formed a book group with Christine and are reading The Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr. The link will take you to a free pdf of the book if you are interested in what we are learning about and discussing. Our student facilities committee may be a committee of one, but Cohen Arpino isn't letting that stop him from getting stuff done! He planted some bushes and is installing our Little Free Library out in front of the school.

Student Meetings: Democracy is messy, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating. Ultimately, going through the process of working with others can be rewarding. A huge shout out to all of our students for working together to find solutions for ways to make their student meetings more productive. What a difference a week makes! The student meeting on Wednesday might not have gotten through its entire agenda, but all the students leaned into the discomfort of disagreement, listened to one another, and began the process of crafting some meeting processes that will really work. Great Job New School!


Upcoming Dates for Your Calendar

  • Wednesday, September 29: Teacher Day--students not in school
  • Monday, October 4: All School Meeting 6:00 @ TNS
  • Monday October 11: No School Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • Weekend of October 16/17 Fall Clean-up at TNS
  • Saturday October 23: Fall Open House 10:00-1:00

  • Wednesday, October 27: Teacher Day--students not in school


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Please help us get the word out! Can you share our new TV Commercial on social media? Check it out below, and here's the YouTube link.

Another request! You can help us with some powerful free advertising by taking 15-20 minutes and leaving reviews of the school at some key websites. It takes 25 reviews to for us to “level up.”

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Let us know if you encounter problems. Thanks for helping!

Learn Differently @ The New School

Introducing Sarah Price, Nurse Practitioner

Sarah is our new consulting health practitioner. She most recently worked as a family nurse practitioner for a pediatric primary care practice.

Sarah is a graduate of University of Southern Maine’s Family Nurse Practitioner program, magna cum laude.

At The New School, she is responsible for reviewing all student health records for compliance with Maine’s student health requirements. She also advises the school on its health policies and programs.

We welcome Sarah as part of our TNS community!

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Volunteer Teams are selected for the 2021-2022 school year! (team coordinator in bold)


Bill Howell

Seth Cheikin

Susan Babin

Mike Ouellet

Stacey Morin

Gary Woods


Sharon Boyd

Alie Charpentier

Jodi Castallo

Nat Saywell

Fern Brown

Tanya Cattabriga

Nancy Goldberg


Jacquelne Brown

Maureen & Eric Kruger

Coordinators, can you please email your team (and cc me) to get an email thread going for communication? Also, let us know your meeting time and whether it's in person or on Zoom.


The New School is an independent, democratically run private high school in Kennebunk, Maine. We learn by doing, and encourage not just academic achievement, but development of the mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to give TNS students the tools they need to be active, informed citizens of a democracy.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.”

― John Dewey

The New School | Kennebunk, Maine

The New School offers rolling admission, so students can apply any time throughout the year. Parents & Students, please spread the word, let people know all the cool stuff going on here, and invite friends to come visit an Open House!