Divine play through the Winter.

Return of Mytical Tribe, Schedule Changes and new Teachers

The winter is amongst us, and although the ground is frozen and perhaps we don't feel as playful and vibrant as we do in the spring and summer, that doesn't mean we can't still play.

LiLa (our name sake) translates from Sanskrit into divine play. The playfulness and willingness to not take life to seriously, to have the ability to laugh at ourselves, and openness to receive. That is exactly what we should be doing during the colder months of the winter, when we hunker down to plant our seeds for the upcoming spring and summer. It is my experience that through our playfulness we find the sweetest moments in our lives, the experiences you can not put a price tag on, and the growth and wisdom that is gained.

I invite you to look past the bitterness of the winter, the grayness of the air, and come join us to "play" on your mat!

Love and Light,




Mystical Tribe is help the FIRST weekend of each month (sessions may be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday) These gatherings are held by some of our teachers and healers, but also other healers within our communities. These gatherings are an OFFERING to you to further deepen your growth, and experience the profound effects of some of the metaphysical realm.

These gatherings come with a SUGGESTED amount to exchange. Please note and understand that these monetary values are (cash only) but do not need to be the exact amount. Providing these healing sessions to you is of more importance because it is our job to be of service, so please know an EXCHANGE of any amount (monetary, goods, or services) will be accepted.

Below are our two dates and gatherings for the winter

Yoga Nidra & Reiki



Come join us for an evening of bliss.

Yoga Nidra which often translates into yogic sleep is a deep meditation for the body, relaxing your body and mind into a deep slumber. Followed by this deep relaxation each being received Reiki from the Reiki Master helping to facilitate healing on a physical, emotional, or soulful level, sometimes even all three. Often times these special gatherings are followed by a message from spirit that is just intended for you.

If you feel you are overwhelmed in life, just need a night out, or want a good sleep this is the event for you!

You must email private message or call the studio 631-404-8052 to reserve your spot as space is limited.

Exchange: $25 (suggestion)

March 1, 2019

Crystal Energy


Crystals have a profound way of helping the body to heal, calm the mind, and connect with their soul. Crystals have been utilized as a healing tool for over 6000 years! During this healing individuals will have their chakras tested and energy systems to reveal which may be out of alignment. The practioner will then guide the students with placements of crystals specifically for their individual needs, to facilitate healing and realignment of the body.

Exchange: $30-cash only (suggested) You must email, message or call (631-404-8052) to reserve your spot.

Evening of Bliss to Support the LI Promise Walk

Sunday, March 31st, 5pm

600-21 Portion Road

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Join Dani for an evening of absolute bliss as she guides attendees through a beautiful restorative yoga class by candlelight, ending with Reiki. This event will benefit the Long Island Promise Walk for Preeclampsia this June. Class is donation based, bring a friend! Enjoy an evening of bliss and your donation will go to helping to ensure a future where mamas and babies lives are no longer threatened by Preeclamsia. (Preeclamsia, eclampsia, hellp syndrome) Please register in studio, or via facebook event here

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Winter Schedule and Policies

Please note minor changes to our winter schedule. Also please keep in mind that it is STRONGLY encouraged to pre-register but not mandatory. This will always reserve you a spot in class, as ensure you will be notified if any class changes due to weather or illness.

9:30am-10:30am- Gentle Yoga

10:45-11:45am- LiLa Cycle

*Mandatory Pre-Registration*

7:00-8:15pm – Yoga (open level)

9:30-10:30am- Yoga (Open Level)

4:30-5:15 Kids Yoga *4 week series*

7:00-8:15pm – Yoga (open level)

9:30-10:30am- Yoga (open Level)
4:00-5:00pm- Yoga (open Level)

5:15-6:30-LiLa Cycle

*Mandatory Pre-Registration*

6:45- 7:45pm- Prenatal Yoga *6 or 12 week series*

9:30-10:30am Yoga (Open Level)

7:00-8:15pm- Candle Light Yoga (open level)

9:30-10:30am-Yoga (open Level)

7:00-8:15pm- Yoga (open Level)*NEW TIME*

8:15-9:30 LiLa Cycle

*Mandatory Pre-Registration*

9:45-11:00- Yoga (open level)

10:00-11:15am Yoga (Open Level)

*schedule subject to change without notice*

**Fridays class may be cancelled when Mystical Tribe Gathers, it will be listed on the MindBody App as well as our website here


Dear Clients,

It has come to our attention that not all of you are aware of expiration dates. Below is a list of our expiration dates and policies for your convenience.


· 5- Packs- Expire in 3 months

· 10-Packs – Expire in 4 months


· Groupon 5 Pack: Expires within 20 days of first usage

· Groupon 10 Pack: Expires with in 60 days of First Usage.

*groupons expire within 90 days of purchase, but after may be used as cash value

Expiration of packages is non-negotiable. Your mind body account will automatically send you emails when your packages are low and or about to expire. If you are not getting emails from the studio, please check with a teacher to verify we have your email address set up correctly, and you are signed up for email notifications.

Unlimited Packages and Contracts

Unlimited packages (Special and 1 Month) Are from date to date, and as per our policies are non-negotiable for injury, travel or illness.


All of our contracts are up for automatic renewal after the end of the 6-month contract. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so either on your own MindBody account or contact Dani and she will cancel it for you, upon your request otherwise it will renew.

Suspensions may be granted for 1 month, when a client has spoken to Dani about extenuating circumstances and upon her review of the situation. This suspension will only be for ONE MONTH, if the contract is than cancelled going forward, the remainder to of the contract (6 months or Kids program) must be paid.

Cancellation Policy

If you have registered for a class and can’t make it, we ask that you cancel within a 90 minute window. This is to ensure that if a student was on a waitlist, they would become notified, and have enough time to get to class. If you do not cancel for a class within the given time frame, and you have a package, a class will be deducted. If you have an unlimited package a $5.00 charge will be applied to your account. Please keep in mind currently it is only MANDATORY to pre-register for LiLa Cycle, and specific dates the studio designates (clients will always be notified about this ahead of time)

If you have extenuating circumstances, please always reach out to speak to Dani via email at lilafamilyyoga@gmail.com or by phone 631-404-8052. Please be advised that all requests will be considered but may not be granted.


Dani -Owner/Director of LiLa Family Yoga

New Teacher- Kelly Fitzsimons

We welcome Kelly to our family who will be teaching Thursdays at 9:30, she is absolutely magical and we can't wait for you to enjoy her presence as much as we do. Kelly has been practicing yoga for 15 years and received her 200 hour Vinyasa teaching certification in Spring 2014 through Three Sisters Yoga in NYC. Since then she has furthered her training with intensive studies in Yin and Restorative Yoga practices as well as receiving her Shamanic Reiki 1 certification.
In November 2018 she completed her 300 hour Ancient Wisdom teacher training with Kula Collective in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
Kelly loves to infuse elements of these different practices into her classes, as well as integrating breath work, mantra, mudra, essential oils and crystals, guiding her students to a state of rest and relaxation. She truly believes in the importance of a regular yoga and meditation practice to create space in our lives and align with our true selves.