LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of January 16th

Monday is an Inservice Day

Dr. Lofton sent the session details last week. See you at LVHS for some great sessions!


Your semester grades are due by 4:00 on Monday, January 16! Yes, you normally get until Tuesday. But we have to have all the proof sheets printed Tuesday morning so that you can verify your grades with Sue. As a reminder here are the instructions that Sue sent out last week:

Directions for Reporting Grades for Second Nine Weeks and Semester Grades

1. All grades for work assigned for the second nine weeks should be in your grade book by 4:00pm, January 16th. Any delay in posting grades will cause EVERYONE’S GRADES to be delayed because proof sheets can’t be run!

2. Students can be given 0’s for individual assignments and exams; however, no student should have a 0 for a nine weeks grade average. Any missing nine weeks grades should already have been corrected.

3. Make sure you have updated grade book to reflect nine weeks grades for new students. Check with Ms. La Rosa if you have questions about grades for new students. (Check on new student grades before Friday, January 13th)

4. Do not give I’s (incompletes) for any grading periods. If a student has not taken his/her semester exam, give a 0. Do not leave a grade blank. His/her grade will be changed once he/she makes up the exam.

5. Proof sheets will be run first thing, January 17thth and delivered to you at about 10am that day.

6. Do not make any changes in grade book from 4pm, January 16th until you receive notice. When you receive your proof sheets, make sure each student has a second nine weeks grade, semester exam grade (or 0), and semester grade.

7. Avoid leaving 68, or 69 as a 9 week or semester grade. Either raise the grade to 70 or lower the grade below 67. If you are going to override a grade, please do it on cycle grades NOT semester as we allow the computer to calculate the semester grade.

8. Examine your proof sheets carefully. Make any corrections to the proof sheets in red ink. Sign and date each sheet and return to Ms. Kunze by 4:00pm Tuesday, January17th.

9. Remember, you cannot assign a grade on the report card higher than 100.

10. After report cards are run, any corrections to the nine weeks grade, semester exam or semester grade must be made by Ms. Kunze. Submit these changes to Ms. Kunze in writing by email.

Example – Sue Kunze, 5th period Language Arts, semester grade was a 70.

It is now an 84 after she made up her exam.

11. Ms. Kunze is not able to change daily grades, quizzes, and major tests;

you will have to make these changes in your gradebook.

Formal Observations Are Done!

Please make sure you have gone into Eduphoria and electronically signed your observation if you have not already done so. Thanks!


Please be sure to complete your second nine weeks quarterly feedback form through Eduphoria by the end of the day this Friday if you have not already done so.

Anchor Time Changes This Week

We will run an Anchor Time schedule this Tuesday and Wednesday as usual. The change is that we'll use this time to meet with our UIL teams. Time to sharpen the axe prior to competition so we can bring home another Viking championship!!! UIL team rosters will be posted in the hall for students to refer to. Student on more than one UIL team may attend a different team practice each day. Students who are not on a UIL team will report to the upper gym for silent sustained reading. If you are a teacher who is not coaching a team you will also report to the upper gym to supervise students. If you are a UIL coach who still needs a few students for your team, I suggest you "shop around" in the gym and pick up a few participants!

Duty Changes With the New Semester

Check the shared doc for the new duty schedule.