How i'm living life

What I've learned all through the year and what I want to be

my color is orange.


My need is freedom. Whenever I’m around people I'm listening for entertainment. If your talking on and on about something boring or dull I’m going to zone out and not focus on you, I want something engaging to talk about. Im very intelegent and outgoing I put myself out there at some points I interrupt people to talk about something else or to ask something

I (orange) get frustrated when you’re a slow paced. I can't go in steps I skip steps cuz it takes longer to go in steps i i skip steps so I can get done faster.

What are you left or right brain?

I'm more of a right brain.

Left brain is more dull and the right brain is more out going and more excited.

I'm outgoing and I'm a fun person to be around.

Left Brain Right Brain by Roger Day

Where ill be goin for college

I'll be goin to Arkansas Tech University, Its a public school, Its a 4 year school

It would cost about $107,744 for 4years.

What I'm interested in doing when i get older

Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific......

I'm interested in doing that because it seems like something I like doing and I could enjoy it.

What I will be doing while im at ATU college

I will be studying Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing while im there. I want to play baseball for ATU and maybe football.

I might get a room at the college so I dont have to get an apartment or live with my parents.