Coordinate Geometry (L.A.G.)

By: Stephen C. & Donavan D.


  1. The plane determined by a horizontal number line, called the x-axis, and a vertical number line, called the y-axis, intersecting at a point called the origin. Each point in the coordinate plane can be specified by an ordered pair of numbers.

Example 1

The X axis always comes first, then the Y axis. Like (9,-4) the 9 is the X axis and the -4 is the Y axis

Additional Info.

Coordinate Planes are used for graphing data on points.

Midpoint Formula (X,Y)=[(X1+X2) Y1+Y1)]


2 2

Slope Formula M= Y2-Y1


X-2 - X1

Distant Formula D=v----------------------

(X2-X1)^2+(X2 - Y1)^2

Cited Sources

Info taken from Schoology and images from google
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The Coordinate Plane