Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Summaries

Scene 1: Warring Houses and an All Too Emo Kid

The play opens on the servants of Juliet's house desiring to pick a fight with the servants from Romeo's house. Benvolio tries to stop the fighting, but "fiery" Tybalt only intensifies the brawl. Before anyone is seriously injured, the Prince breaks up the fight. He decrees that anyone who fights in the streets of Verona will forfeit his or her life. Afterwards, Benvolio speaks with Romeo to try to find out what is causing him to cry all the time and mope around. We learn that Romeo is in love with Rosaline--a beautiful woman who doesn't love him in return.

Scene 2: A Walk In The Park

Capulet walks with Paris as Paris asks Capulet again if he can marry his daughter. Capulet says she is not yet 14 and not old enough for marriage and that he can but he has to wait 2 years and win her heart. romeo finds the servant Capulet sent out and reads the note and they start to decide if they should go to the party. Romeo says no but slowly makes Romeo change his mind and they decide to go to the party.

Scene 3: A Golden Marriage

Lady Capulet talks with Juliet, trying to convince her to marry Count Paris. Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Prince because he has a lot of money and he is very high on the social ladder. Juliet doesn't want to marry him, because she wants to find her own true love. Also, if Juliet were to marry Paris the Capulet's would get put higher on the social ladder. If Juliet were to marry Paris, the Capulet's would be related to the Prince, because The Prince and Paris are related somehow.

Scene 4: A Night of Sins

At the beginning of scene four, people are beginning to file into the Capulet’s house for the Masque. Once again, Romeo is in a foul mood, and he doesn’t want to go to the party. This time, he’s had a foreboding dream that he is going to die. Mercutio reassures him that dreams aren’t real. After much teasing and cajoling, Romeo agrees to go to the party despite the fact that he still has a bad feeling about his nightmare.

Scene 5: Love at First sight

The servant's work hard to make sure the part goes as planned. Capulet talks to all the guests, joking with them and encouraging them to dance. Romeo sees Juliet from across the room and asks a servants who she is, but he doesn’t know. Romeo forgets about Rosaline and falls automatically in love with Juliet. Tybalt realizes that there is a Montague in the room and he gets angry. Romeo and Juliet meet and they kiss. Suddenly, Juliet’s nurse approaches her and says that Juliet’s mom would like to talk to her. They find out who each other are and even though their families hate each other, they don’t care because they love each other, love at first sight.