Democratic Republic of the Congo

Central Africa


Congo's population is 58.3 million, and is growing at about three percent annually. Urban populations are growing rapidly. Most people speak their own ethnic language and a national language. 80% of the population is christian. Most people are nearly never selfish, they will share their food with others, no matter how little they themselves have.
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In urban areas most people shake hands, smile, and greet each other verbally. Objects are never passed with the left hand as the left hand is traditionally reserved for personal hygiene. Family and close friends often drop by unannounced, but strangers are expected to make arrangements. Also most people eat a light breakfast and a large meal in the late afternoon.
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Life style

All ethnic groups place emphasis on group goals and family welfare. Casual dating occurs only among the wealthy in large urban areas. Staple foods include cassava, rice, potatoes, bananas, yams, beans, etc. Soccer is the most popular sport and it is played by everyone. Among the most popular music styles is the soukous, which combines guitars, percussion, and horns.
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President Joseph Kabila is Congo's chief of state and head of government. Vast mineral deposits and other natural resources make Congo potentially one of the richest countries. The Congo River is the nations major route for both commercial and passenger transportation. Like the economy, the education has faltered. Few viable institutions exist. Adequate health care is a huge problem in The Congo, especially in rural areas.
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