Nazo's Awesome Science lab

This Page is for sharing and Reflection of my learning.

Introduction to science 6

Whar I learned over this first quarter is that I learned how to find the exact place to find the (how meant degrees n) to (whatever degrees s). I learned in the mini mapping unit. I found some information in the "Around the World" Homework. In the mini microscope I actually never learned anything about that. Now Irs possible that I use these stuff for the future. In fact I want to be chemical and germ and cure doctor. The porcupine puffer fish was pretty interesting. I never heard about that specifies. It helps me understand some information about that porcupine puffer fish. Well those are some things we learned.

What I learned over this Unit.

Favorite unit

Well, my favorite unit was the microscope unit. I loved that unit because I never actually learned or seen or even used a microscope my whole life. It's interesting because you can put more than just one thing under microscope. You can explore and learn about it. Some would probably look disgusting and some would look shiny, some might even look about something logic! (Like ice cubes, vomt, btw I seen types of these under the microscope.) And also I like how this was one of the units that had so much fun homeworks. well that's some reason why I like the Microscope unit.

Mini microscope

Look at this cool sand! :)