December 2, 2016


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Event Information

Here are some important pieces of information.

  • January 5th is a Fulton County Teacher Work Day.
  • January 6th is a Fulton County Professional Development Day.
  • Many Fulton groups have required training on this day. Many schools are holding their own required training on this day. If you are not required to be somewhere else, you SHOULD BE with Vanguard on this day.
  • If you have a question or concern about this, please let me know.

All event information, including the complete schedule breakdown, will be added to the Vanguard website. I will provide you with that information as soon as possible. We are still working out the details.

Vanguard Personalized PD Day

Friday, Jan. 6th 2017 at 8am-3pm

9310 Scott Road

Roswell, GA

Please be sure to mark your calendars!


One piece of the day will include and IGNITE talks. These brief presentations give us a taste of a topic before moving on to the next presentation. More information about the talks is found at the link directly below.

We will be looking for 5 people interested in doing one of these presentations. Check out the link, think about whether or not you're interested, and let us know when we send out the interest form!

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Roving Reporter - Elkins Pointe - Workshop Wednesday

Elkins Pointe - Workshop Wednesday

As part of their personalized learning transition, Elkins Pointe MS wanted teachers to work on moving their instructional model into a workshop set-up. However, change isn't always easy, so administrators "gifted" the teachers with a TKES-free zone to help get them underway! Take a look at this week's Roving Reporter video for more information!

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There are trainings available for NON-VANGUARD members on January 6, 2017. If a coworker is not attending something else, consider passing along these options to him/her.

Registration is available in Edivate in the Academic Support catalog. Please send additional questions to Mindy Ramon.

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PERSONAL PD: #fcsvanguard Chat

Next Week's Chat: Final #fcsvanguard of 2016!

Next week will be the final #fcsvanguard chat for 2016! Remember that you need to participate in at least two chats this school year, so why not get one in now! :)

Join us at 5 Seasons for a little Holiday Cheer before the Tweet-Up next Thursday Dec. 8. We will gather at 7:00 pm and the Tweet-Up will start at 7:30.

This event does count as one of your OFF-CONTRACT events!

Please RSVP, just so we can get an idea of numbers. RSVP HERE.

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Nominate Someone (Or Yourself) Today!

Time is almost up! If you've considered completing a nomination, do it before it's too late!

The Atlanta Families' Awards for Excellence in Education are now accepting nominations for 2017! This is an incredible opportunity to recognize someone amazing at your school or in our county. In fact, the Vanguard team is FULL of members that would make deserving recipients.

In 2015, Vanguardian Megan Endicott was recognized for the work she's doing at Dolvin ES. Take a look at her feature on their website!

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Vanguard Files: 2016-2017

Find all coaching plans, Vanguard expectations and commitment form, Vanguard logos, and team information.

About Us

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.