Bynagle Bulletin

September 22, 2014

Dates to Remember

September 24 - 1:10 - 1:40 Narrative Writing Celebration - Families are Welcome

September 26- Field Trip Medication Forms due

September 26- Ageya Field Trip Forms due

September 26 - Duct Tape Day

October 1 - Ageya Field Trip Money ($50) due

October 1 - Battle of the Books Begins (First Meeting)

October 2 - Orca Fun Run

October 7 - Student Counsil Elections

October 9 and 10- Ageya Overnight Field Trip

October 22- Quarter 1 Book Report due (Paperbag Report) due

October 29- Early Release at 1:45

Classroom Happenings

What a week! Students demonstrated their understanding of cause and effect relationships while we brought closure to reading Charlotte's Web. In writing we are also nearing closure on our first narrative piece. I invite all of you to PLEASE come to our class on Wednesday, September 24th to help us celebrate all that we have achieved in writing. In math we have been learning about prime factorization and have been working in our math journals to help us cement this new knowledge in our heads.

What's Next

As you are well aware, our 5th grade classrooms are very full this year, so the district office has allocated West Homer Elementary an additional teacher to remedy the issue. We are thankful for the additional teacher.

In these first few weeks of school, teachers work hard to build classroom communities and relationships with individual students – this is part of the magic that great teachers do to create a vibrant learning environment for all students. We have heard from many parents who would like their children to remain in their current classroom. We have looked very hard to find a teacher who is the caliber of professional you have come to expect from our staff and who will complement our educational team. Additionally, we have worked to create a solution that will add value to your child’s educational experience at WHE, without separating them from the learning communities that they have fostered.

Our solutions is as follows:

Kellie Bolin will join our educational team. She is a highly qualified educator in the content area of general science at the middle school and high school level (7-12), and she has a strong background in mathematics education. Mrs. Bolin will team teach with Mrs. Cloud and myself. We plan to utilize three classrooms; however, we have opened the wall between two classrooms to create one large classroom in which we can offer grade level/large group lessons and then utilize the regular sized classroom for smaller group lessons, remediation and acceleration. We will combine both classes for portions of the day with all three teachers and we will break the whole group down into smaller groups to facilitate the needs of individual students. Grouping of students will be fluid to meet students’ needs. Students will remain in their current classroom assignments for PE, music and library classes. We will continually be assessing the success of this plan and make adjustments, modifications and/or changes accordingly.

I know that our solution may sound a bit crazy, but I assure you that we will make this transition as smooth as possible. Melissa, Kelli, and I have spent days planning for this, and I am infact excited at the possibilities that await us.


Our field trip is just around the corner! Next week all paperwork needed to go on the trip must be submitted.

Friday--- Medication Forms due

Friday--- Permission Slips due

Next Wednesday---Field Trip Payment of $50 due

On Friday, all medication forms are due. If your child will need to take any form of medication (inhalers included) while on the field trip there is special paperwork that must be filled out. Please contact our nurse, Laura Peek, as soon as possible. The medication paperwork is due this Friday, September 26th.

The cost of the trip is approximately $120 per student. This includes food, lodging, instruction and transportation. Our classroom fundraisers throughout the year will help us offset the cost. However, we need to collect the family contribution of $50 per student. We need student’s $50 by Wednesday, October 1. If you need to pay later, or make installments, please let us know. We will be purchasing food the days prior to camp, but we are willing to adjust the payment schedule to meet your family’s financial situation. If you are able to provide more than $50, and would like to provide a partial scholarship, it would be greatly appreciated.

Paperbag Book Report

Each quarter students are required to complete a book report. The quarterly book reports allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the book in a creative and hands-on way. This first quarter students have been asked to demonstrate their understanding of their book report book by completing a Paper Bag Report.

This week your fifth grader will bring home a large brown paper bag and a green paper with the book report directions. If you did not receive these items, or would like another copy, please let me know.

For this book report your child will be designing a cover for their book on the front side of the paper bag. On the back side of the bag, your child will glue their written portion of their report. Inside the bag, students will place ten items related to the book they read. During the week of October 22nd students will share their Paper Bag Book Reports with the class. Assignment details are clearly laid out on the paperwork sent home.

This assignment should be completed at home. If you have questions or need additional support in any way, please don't hesitate to ask.

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