Stolen Child



The documentary "Black Fish" by Gabriela Cowperthwaite does a great job in showing the feelings of past workers and identifying the cover ups that Sea World has done. Such as, the history of Tilikum, injuries of workers, and how Tilikum was captured from the wild.
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Error or aggression

When a worker smashed by Tilikum, Sea World told everyone it was a trainer error, but it clearly looked like an act of aggression. a former worker says that for a while the believed that it was a trainer error, but then seem to realize that it looks more like an act of aggression.

Were there past accidents ?

While Sea World was hiring new trainers, they never informed them about past accidents. This is important information to have when receiving a new job, but one gentle said he didn't want to ask because he didn't want to come off a certain way. This situation falls both on the company and workers because the worker should want to know about the history of the job, and the company should tell workers of past incidents.


In the early parts of the movie they showed a fisherman, and he said that he felt horrible for what he did because he heard the crying from the whales, and he understood what the screams meant. He continued taking the orca because it was his job to do so.
"Blackfish" the documentary movie