Lauren Oliver

Fall in love...

Ever wonder how it would feel to fall in love illegally? In Portland, Maine love is considered a disease, Amor Deliria Nervosa. It is protected from the outside cities, the cities affected by the disease. Living in the outside cities are Invalids, people who think the cure is bad and love is not a disease. A 17 year old girl, Lena Haloway, couldn't wait to get her procedure done and get cured from the disease. She counted down the days until her birthday, until she would finally get a match and become an adult. Lena's mother was a disrespectful woman, falling in love and never getting cured. After many procedures she never got cured and chose the clear way out. She committed suicide. With this haunting thought Lena wanted to prove to others that she was not at all like her mother. Though the day Lena was doing her evaluation, she flopped it by saying the wrong things. Good thing the Invalids let loose some cows into the building, stopping the evaluation during the middle. As the cows stomped around Lena was so glad they came because she would have ruined her results. Though when she looked up, she saw a boy standing, laughing and watching the cows. She thought he was an Invalid. Lena stared at the boy and soon he winked at her and disappeared from sight. When Lena got home her evaluation got scheduled to another date because of the cows.

One day when Lena went for a run with her best friend, Hana Tate, Hana forced her into running on the government property. When Hana and Lena were running they ran into the same boy on the observation deck and when Lena confronted him, he refused to agree. Hana and Lena soon started talking to the boy and found out that his name was Alex. When Hana and Lena got home Lena kept on wondering why Alex refused to say he was on the deck. When Lena and Hana were at the hill with Alex, he gave Lena a secret message. Lena drove her bicycle to the Back Cove so that she could meet him. Half way to the Back Cove, Lena realized he probably wasn't there. What if he didn't mean to send the message to her? So, Lena turns back and goes home. Later on Hana and Lena get into an argument about caring too much. Hana tells Lena that Lena cares too much and she needs to take risks so Hana invites Lena to a illegal party and of course Lena say no. On her way home, Lena thinks about what Hana says and soon finds her self at the party with boys and illegal music. This is too much for Lena and when she tries to leave Hana stops her. When Hana finally lets go of her hand she hears another voice call her name. She turns around to see Alex. Alex and Lena talk about whats going on and Lena tells Alex about their argument. Soon Alex calms Lena down and dances to his favorite song with him. Even though something feels wrong about this Lena remembers that Alex is cured and she could talk to him. Later on that night when Alex asks Lena to meet him again she says yes.

As Alex and Lena keep on meeting secretly, they draw closer together. One day at the beach they have a race into the water. When Lena and Alex broth finish the race, Alex tells Lens, he likes her. Lena does not know what to say to this and she starts freaking out. She thought he was cured because he had the triangular scar on his neck. Though when Alex tells her he cut himself to make that scar, Lena finally realizes it. Alex is a Invalid, from the Wilds.

Lena ignores Alex though when they do talk Lena realizes she has feelings for him too. As they talk more and hang out more Lena realizes the disease is eating at her and there is no way to stop it. Then one day, Hana goes out to a party again though that night there is a raid happening. During a raid, houses get searched. Lena fears that the raid will come to the party and Hana might get arrested or even killed. So Lena goes out after curfew and sneaks to the party. When she gets inside it is an old abandoned place in the abandoned town. Lena reaches out to tell a girl that the raid is coming though before she can do it they hear a voice, yelling for them to get out. Everyone panics and soon the radiators let the dogs out and start hurting people with their weapons. Lean tries to run but she can't. A dog bites her and she screams and just as the radiator starts to bring his club down on her head, she feels a pull. Alex holds onto Lena and gets her to a different room and they both escape out of the wind. They run into the woods and get into a little shed. Alex grabs a first-aid kit and starts helping Lena. As Lena tells Alex everything, he cleans the blood on her leg. As they talk, Lena find =s she really like Alex too and then it's happening. They kiss. Lena never wants to let go of Alex as he walks her home and gives her another kiss but she has to. As Lena lies in bed, she realizes the disease is eating her and she doesn't care.

One day when Lena's procedure was close Alex took Lena to the wilds. It was a lot of hard work though when they got to Alex's home in the wilds, Lena realized how beautiful the Wilds really were compared to Portland. When Lena and Alex come back Alex tells here they can run away together, into the Wilds though Lena doesn't know what she wants so she says no. Later on, they go onto the topic of their parents and Lena tells Alex everything about her mom though when Lena looks at Alex, he looks terrified and confused. Alex tells Lena that her mom is at the Crypts. When Lena and Alex go to the Crypts they try to look for her mom, though when they find her cell, it has love written all over it and in the O of the word, there is a big hole from where her mom escaped. Soon Lena gets mad that her aunt and sister and everyone kept on tell her that her mom was dead and she turned to Alex. She told him, she wants to escape to the wilds. Thats is how their journey began.

Escaping to the Wilds wasn't very easy and a big shocker happens at the end! Though you need to read to find out!


Never Let You Go- Justin Bieber

Ooh no, ooh no, ooh
They say that hate has been sent
So let loose the talk of love
Before they outlaw the kiss
Baby give me one last hug

There's a dream
That I've been chasing
Want so badly for it to be reality
(Reality, reality)
And when you hold my hand
Then I understand
That it's meant to be

Cause baby when you're with me
It's like an angel came by, and took me to heaven
(It's like you took me to heaven girl)
Cause when I stare in your eyes
It couldn't be better
(Don't want you to go oh no so)

Let the music blast
We gon' do our dance
Bring the doubters on
They don't matter at all
Cause this life's to long
And this love's to strong
So baby know for sure
That I'll never let you go