PPIS = No Excuses U

Welcome to our Family!!

Welcome to 2017-2018 and what's with all the college stuff :)

We are extremely excited to have you in our family and are looking forward to an amazing year! At PPIS we believe that all students should be educated in a way that affords them the opportunity to attend a four year university if they choose. What this means is that we believe ALL students should attain mastery in each core content area. We also believe in creating a culture of excellence built around our 4 P's Prompt, Prepared, Productive and Polite. For these reasons, I am excited to announce that this year we are seeking to becoming a No Excuses Universtity Campus. There are only 250 campuses across the nation with this distinction which is designed around creating six exceptional systems in school. These systems are Interventions, Data Management, Assessment, Standards Alignment, Collaboration and a Culture of Universal Achievement. You can find out more information about the No Excuses University program at http://noexcusesu.com/about/

It is for this reason that each teacher has adopted a college or university as thier theme for this year. We will also be highlighting a different university every two weeks to make our students more aware of thier college choices and that attending college is an attainable goal. We have also designated Thursday as Think College Thursday and are encourging students and staff to wear thier college t-shirts each week. We are extremely excited about this journey toward becoming an NEU school and have no doubt it will make a dynamic impact on our campus!

PPIS shows significant gains in STAAR scores

We are extremely proud of our STAAR results from the 2016-2017 school year and have no doubt our scores will continue to increase over the coming years. PPIS is truly an amazing place and this is a testament to all the hard work and effort of our students, teachers and parents.

Index 1 (Student Achievement) - 4 point gain from 70 in (15-16) to 74 in (16-17)

Index 2 (Student Progress) - 8 Point gain from 36 in (15-16) to 44 in (16-17)

Index 3 (Closing the Gap) - 1 point gain from 36 in (15-16) to 37 in (16-17)

Index 4 (Post Secondary Readiness) - 6 point gain from 27 in (15-16) to 33.3 in (16-17)

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Upcoming Important Dates

August 21 - First Day of School

August 29 - 5th Grade Parent Camp Jolt Information Meeting @ 6pm

August 31 - US Congressman Burgess to present state flag to PPIS @ 10:30am

September 1 - PPIS Fall Fundraiser Kick Off

September 4 - Labor Day - No School

September 26 - 5th Grade Camp Jolt Chaperone Meeting at 6pm

October 3 - PPIS Fall Fine Arts Night #1 at 6pm

Thank you for your continued support!! It's going to be a great year!