Forensic Lab Analyst

By Adriana Ramos : toby , 1st period (:


forensic lab technicians are professionals involved in technical work inside a forensic laboratory . Much of their work involves preparing and analyzing samples as to support forensic research , although they are also often engaged in quality control and quality assurance checks on laboratory equipment and instruments .
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Personal characteristics

to be a forensic technician i think i would have to be able to handle pressure , be able to work hard and i would have to be passionate about what i do . I feel you have to have some sort of passion for a job like this . it does not seem easy so i would have to be prepared .


forensic scientists usually have a bachelor's degree in forensic science or a related field, such as biology, chemistry or physics. A forensic science major typically includes those basic sciences, plus classes in pharmacology, statistics, computer modeling, biochemistry and criminal justice. The American Academy of Forensic Sciences also recommends English classes as part of the bachelor's program because forensic scientists need strong written and oral communication skills to write reports and testify in court.

Work setting

Being a forensic technician i would just about work 37 hours per week , and most likely work in some sort of lab where i would need very protective clothing . I would probably be under a lot of stress so i would have to be ready for anything . According to reports, the number of job opportunities in the field of forensic science will only continue to grow as the judicial system expands and new technology is developed to help convict criminals . So main jobs for forensic scientist would be
  • Local Government * Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals and
  • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories

Wages and Benefits

Forensic technicians wages start at 20,000+ per year . Personally it is enough money yearly for me and the life style i plan on living .

Similar Careers

Some positions in forensic science only require former law enforcement experience, such as evidence custodians who ensure proper procedure is followed during collection and analysis. Some positions require a doctorate of medicine, including forensic pathology and associate medical examination. Most entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree in any of the natural sciences. So , Blood Spatter Analyst , Crime Lab Analyst , and Ballistics Experts would be very similar jobs to forensic technicians .
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Personal Assessment

I believe this job will be a good fit for me because i love the excitement it will bring and all the hands on learning and assessments . It is also such an interesting job and its in a field of my favorite subject , biology .

Final thoughts

There are definitely pros and cons to this job . Some pros would be all the hands on activities , good payment and doing what really interest me . Some cons would be all the dirty work that is necessary and the hours .