Ben franklen

father of the declaration of indepedance


Do you know about Ben Franklen. if you dont you will after you read this.

Early life and childhood

He was born in boston 1706

who is or was in his family

He had a mom dad and 11 brothers and sisters

Who did this he marry

He married Deborah read
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Did he have kids? How many?

Yes he had three kids then two died so he had one.
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Did he die? when and how old?

He was 84 when he died in 1790

What is he known for.

He published the declaration of indepedence.

How did he help our socity?

He published the declaration of independence and. He signed the declaration of independence.helped launch the first private library ,first hospital,.he was famous for the lightning rod.
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what lesson did you learn?

That ben franklen is smart and he did alot of things to help some were published the declaration of independence ,the lightning rod and thats just some.

concluding sentance

Ben franklin was a great guy. so i hope you learned alot about him.