Greek gods and goddesses

Myth and Legend

A pantheon of the ancients

The Ancient Greeks had many gods and goddesses. These deities took the form of idealized men and women who wielded great, but not unlimited power. They had names such as Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, and Hades. They oversaw natural phenomena, the harvest, arts, and cities. Above all else they played a very real role in the lives of the mortals they lorded over. For better or for worse the gods and goddesses played an important role in day to day life.
The Greek Gods

A few of the gods and goddesses left off the video.

A place fit for the gods

Disney's Hercules Gods On Olympus

Mount Olympus

The Ancient Greeks believed that the gods and goddesses lived on the tallest mountain in Greece. Mount Olympus was where the gods and goddesses met and discussed topics ranging from war, love, and the affairs of mortals. The Ancient Greeks believed that anyone who would try and reach the top would be struck down by the gods. Olympia was a paradise where the gods lacked for nothing and drank a beverage known as ambrosia a sweet nectar that satisfied every craving.