The Muscular System

-By: Ally Archambo-


-The muscular system is responsible for the movement of the human body.

-There are over 700 muscles in your body and all of them are important to the human body.

-Main functions of the muscles are producing movement, generating body heat, and helping keep your posture.


-Connects the muscle to the bone-

-transfer forces from muscle to bone

-produces joint movement

-made up of dense fibrous connective tissue made up of mostly spindle-shaped cells and collagenous fibers

Tendons -What are they ? Human Body Video for Kids

Homeostatic Imbalances:

Muscular Dystrophy

This is a genetic disease mainly found in boys. Muscular dystrophy causes the muscles' strength and function to deteriorate over time. After a while, the person diagnosed with MS will end up in a wheelchair. There is no cure for MD but there are ways to slow down the process.
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Tendinitis deals with the pain of a tendon. When you overuse a muscle it causes it to weaken in that specific area. Tendinitis breaks down into specific cases. For example, Achilles tendinitis only deals with the Achilles tendon. The best way to cure tendinitis is to rest it, put ice on the area, and/or go to physical therapy.
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This is when your muscles relax after a contraction. It can happen over time or be triggered by the cold. When you have Myotonia you may release things slower and you may not be able to stand up after sitting all that well. You can go to physical therapy for myotonia or take medications.
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Article Summary

At the University of South Carolina researchers have come up with a new microscopy technique that uncovers new information about muscular dystrophy. Complementation Activated Light Microscopy" (CALM) helps show the protein functions in the muscles and the behavior of biomolecules at the nanometer scale. This technique is so specific they can now look into the homeostatic controls at a molecular level. This helps them pin point diseases and what causes them. The main goal for the scientists at USC is to find a cure for muscular dystrophy and they believe this new technique will help speed up the process.

Some Muscles in the Human Body: