The Evolution of the Women

By: Cooper Richardson

The Victorian Women

Social Expectations: Women in the Victorian Era were expected to be a housewife. The women were supposed cook food and take care of the children.

Job Opportunities: Jobs for women were hard to come by, most women relied on their husband.

Educational Opportunities: Opportunities for education were few and far between. Education was not just handed out to women. They had to go get an education even though it was hard.

Appearance: Women were very conservative, at this time they wore long dresses, showing very little skin.

Activities: Women's activities during this time were very mellow. This included reading and embroidery.

Rights: Women had very little rights at this time. They were basically owned by their husbands.

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1920's Women

Social Expectations: Women were allowed to be more independent. Flappers even smoked, and drank in public.

Job Opportunities: Jobs were now easier to come by for women. During this time women could find jobs in clothing, domestic services, and even in some food industries.

Educational Opportunities: In the 1920's women's educational status rose a lot. By 1928 39% of college degrees were awarded to women. In this time period women had to work hard to get an education, but an education was not near as hard to come by as the victorian era.

Appearance: Women were more carefree with there style. Women wore lower cut dresses to show more skin.

Activities: Some women were more traditional and had traditional activities like reading. One the other hand there was women that liked to go out and drink, smoke, and party.

Rights: Women got the right to vote in 1920 this was part of the 19th amendment.

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Social Expectations: It used to be bad for married women to work. At this time working when married was more accepted throughout the country.

Job Opportunities: Because of the reconstruction after the war labor was needed, so women had a lot of job opportunities, such as nursing and cleaning.

Educational Opportunities: WWII ended in 1945, which was the first year that a women was admitted into Harvard.

Appearance: After the war the US felt celebratory. Women showed a more sophisticated style. More women wore high heels and fabrics that were previously hard to come by like silk.

Activities: WWII was scary for everyone. After the war ended women and their families felt like they needed to get back to their spiritual life's.

Rights: Women take a step forward when in 1957 about the same number women voted as men, securing their liability as a gender.

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Present Day Women

Social Expectations: Society today creates many different expectations for the modern day women. Some think that women need to be very feminine and others think that they should take care of themselves.

Job Opportunities: Today women have almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to jobs. Even what was used to only a man's job, women can do, like serving in the army.

Educational Opportunities: Women have the right to an education as much as men. Women are even more likely graduate then men.

Appearance: The possibilities with women fashion are endless. Just hairstyles are so different. The common trend, though, is casual attire. Women usually only wear dresses to special events.

Activities: Women activities are very different. Some women like sports, others are traditional and like to read. One thing that is for sure is that women in this time period can be unique. They can have different hobbies, jobs, clothing and just can live their life how they want.

Rights: This country gives women a lot of rights. Women are free now, and they have a lot of rights but some people still argue that they are not equal.

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