European Holocaust Memorial Day


At the station

On the background of the railway line and a wagon set up for the event, the students told the Shoah through workshops of history, Italian, music and art under the guidance of their teachers. The event, extended to the parents, saw the participation of the Jewish community of San Nicandro Garganico. The school community was taken to the station by their teachers and the Headmaster Mr Rocco D'Avolio.


D'Alessandro-Vocino School celebrated the Religion Day on the 26th January, on the occasion of the Memorial Day, in order to remember the victims of Shoah. The students of the classes 1A - 2A - and 3A, guided by their History and Italian teacher Mrs Maria Montemitro, discussed about different religions existing in our community, then they stressed the main aspects of Judaism, and with the Art teacher, Mr Costantino Luciano, students created some posters to show at the event.

Some shapes of men were attached to the windows of the wagon to simulate the deportees to the camps. A large banner highlighted the theme of the event with the sentence: If understanding is impossible, knowing is necessary. (Primo Levi)

Really important, for the success of the event, has been the cooperation of the teachers for students with special needs Mrs Anna Conte and Mrs Silvana Di Lella, who have been involved, with their special students, in the creation of the posters.

Some stories

Students did some researches of stories happened during Shoah and they told them to the community, in order to remember that such bad things mustn't happen any more.

Then with the music teachers Mr Antonio Sciscioli, Mr Ernesto Maiorano, Mr Giuseppe Di Sipio, Mr Nando Vocale, Mr Attilio Rispoli and Mrs Carmela Battista, the students sang some songs in Hebraic language.