Heart Foundation

Beating hearts are important, beat up hearts, not so much!

What they do

Heart Foundation is a good hearted and well respected company. They are the leading treaters and researchersof heart problems. They're so respected they have their sign on foods! The reason for that is because they show which foods are best for your heart out of all the other types of those foods. Another way they help is by their jump rope for hearts sponsoring program. This is a skipping program for children to raise money for awareness. Lots of people have heart deformities or problems with there hearts. It's only thanks to the Heart Foundation that they're alive. It's also thanks to their donors who pay them to help. It's also thanks to the children who do the jump rope for hearts sponsoring act.

Heart problems you get over your life

Some of the common diseases or ailment that affect your heart that you get are

1.CVD(Cardiovascular disease)

2.CHD ( Coronary heart disease)

3 Heart Attack

Here are the conditions of each of these diseases:

1. CVD is the deadliest of these diseases. It kills 1 australian every 12 minutes and affects one in six Australians/3.72 million people. This disease includes stroke, cancer, rheumatic heart disease and hypertension. CVD was the leading cause of death in 2010 and the leading cause of hospitalisations .

2.CHD otherwise known as ischaemic heart disease is also a deadly disease causing the second most deaths following CVD and only by CVD and stroke caused 33,000 deaths in 2010. Luckily this destructive force can be treated.

3. Heart attacks. Random, sudden heart attacks. Some kill some don't. Some force heart valves to make sure the victim survives some don't. With heart attacks it's a matter of chance and health. You may get a mild heart attack you might not. You may die at an early age you might not. This ailment is a deadly and quick striker and when it strikes it goes straight to the core or should I say heart!

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Please volunteer to help lives.Press to be a hero.

1800 55 22 55 is the number to call if you want to volunteer