Law of Buisness

Zachary Buche


A tort is a private wrong against people or organizations. Five real life torts would be: neglecting children, assaulting a person, stealing personal property, false imprisonment, and copyright infringement.

Ethics and Morals

Ethics and Morals are a necessity in Buisness Law in that laws are meant to prevent people from doing bad things. Examples of using morals and ethics are: The Rainmakers moral justice to stand up for the cancer patient, the multiple case studies, and the Social Nerwork movie.

The American Court System

Court Cases

Class Case Studies

Three case studies we have studied are: the Mapp vs. Ohio search and seizure case, which ended with Mapp being free of all charges. Another would be the school soda case study, which studied if selling unhealthy drinks to kids for profit is morally right, which resulted be the students opinion. And finally, the Law and Gambling case study, which allowed students to study if some types of gambling should be illegal or regulated, which was also chosen by the student.


A contract is a legal binding obligation to do something. They are usually written on paper or spoken orally. We use contracts because they are very descriptive and hold people accountable for their duty. Contracts could be written, spoken orally, or by conduct.


A copyright gives you the legal right to an idea. We have them to prevent idea theft. A copyright allows no other person to steal another's idea for themselves. A large copyright case is the Facebook idea theft.
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A patent protects a tangible invention from being reproduced form someone other than the patent holder. Patents are necessary for people to have their hard work protected from imitators. With a patent, no other person may invent a similar invention. An example would be the Bowman v. Monsato case.