Tech Supports in the Classroom

TextHELP, SMART Notebook, Online Resources

October 21, 2014

Joseph Marquis

TEXT Help - Read & Write 11

UDL tool available for ALL students

Has a take home option

Documents to try with Read&Write 11

Resources at FAUSTINA

Go to - Student Classroom Folder


See Common

Or your Teacher Folder

Or SpecEd Common

* Non "Rostered' teachers do not have a folder

What to put in your shared folder?

SWF files (math and science keywords)




SMART Notebook files - Interactive or Curated

Web links

Padlet links

Kahoot links

Google + SWF search terms (these are interactive Shock Wave Flash files)

See below for just a few....

Big image

SMART Notebook

Big image

* Big idea: SMART is not just for the Board! Use in LAB!

Use resources found;

- In the Common folder

- From

- From Colleagues

- On

See Paint Canvas, Habitats, Snowglobe, Bar Graph, Tangram, Autumn Sort, Area/Perimeter Math, Parts of a Cell

Big image


Prodigy Math Game for Ontario Teachers

My Padlets

More Online Resources:

In SQWORL, search concept words like patterning, comprehension, addition etc....

See SMART Halloween Activity pack

- In Common folder