Criteria C

Creating the Solution


Sept. 27 (Saturday)

  • 80 minutes of gathering photos and short video clips
  • 40 minutes of voice recording and downloading background music

Sept. 28 (Sunday)

  • 2 hours of voice recording and editing the voice record

Sept. 29 (Day 3 - Design class -- Second block)

  • Editing in class for about 70 minutes.

Sept. 30 (own time)

  • 2-4 hours of editing and finishing up the bits and pieces of the presentation


Screenshot Steps

Step #1: Write Your Script

This step is very important because when you start to do Step #2, it will help you a lot. So, you would want to write your script by following your story board. This is going to help you because when you start to record your voice, you will know what to say right away and you will avoid the mumbling.
Big image

Step #2: Voice Record

Start recording your voice by using the script you wrote in Step #1. Don't just record once and use that one but record a couple and then listen carefully to choose a very high quality one.
Big image

Step #3: Title Page

Add a title page and write your project's name, your NGO's name and the creator's name at the bottom.
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Step #4: Pictures

Add any photos that you need but also make sure to adjust your picture's time so that it can fit your voice over or your music or both.
Big image

Step #5: Voice Over

Add your voice over or anybody's voice that you used. Fit it well with your pictures and adjust the volume to however you like it.
Big image

Adjustment Place

Big image

Step #6: Transitions

Choose any kind of transitions that you would like to use between your images changing or your text. The small bow symbolize the transition.
Big image
Big image

Step #7:

When you're all done adding your photos, video clips, transition, voice over and music. Before sharing it, make sure you adjust everything to your liking. Then click 'Share' and it will give you options to share it however you want.
Big image

Step #9:

For me, I shared it to my desktop. If you see it on your desktop and you played it and it's naturally fine. Then you're good to go!
Big image

Final Product

CCDO Design

Changes from Draft to Final

  • The only part that I changed was not adding my emails with CCDO because I felt like it doesn't really matter if I added it or not. The whole point of my video was to persuade people to donate to CCDO and make it as well known as any other organization.
  • I also changed the timing of the video because in my draft, I labeled it too long and it didn't work out as long.
  • I didn't answer all of my research questions because I figured I would already have talked about it in my video.

I included almost everything else besides those 3 things.