Hammurabi's Code: JUSTIFIED

By, Connor Roth

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Hammurabi's Code

The categories of Hammurabi’s laws included family life, agriculture, theft, and professional standards; laws that our democracy has as well and those kinds of laws are essential to having a fair, well-governed society.

Excerpt from Prologue of Hammurabi's Code: ''Hammurabi, the protecting king am I... that the strong might not injure the weak, in order to protect the widows and orphans... let my name be ever repeated; let the oppressed, who has a case at law, come and stand before this my image as king of righteousness; let him read the inscription, and understand my precious words.''

Hammurabi’s Code was just because Hammurabi insisted that he was a righteous, protecting king and proved that by saying that if any future rulers go against his opposing words of altering the land would have a curse inflicted on them by the gods, showing that Hammurabi truly cared about the land.

Hammurabi said that his code was meant to protect the weak and he proves that in law 148, he says that if a man has married a wife and disease has seized her and the man is determined to marry a second wife, he can marry her, but he can not divorce his sick wife and she must remain in the house they have built together where he maintains her for as long as she lives. He was protecting helpless, sick wives from being divorced from their husbands and kicked out on the curb to be replaced by a new wife.

Overall, I think the laws from Hammurabi’s Code regarding family were just because they stop members of a family from being discarded and abandoned. They also help stop the family from going back on the other members of their family.

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King Hammurabi