Re-paitnting a room

Mia Triano

Paint finishings

There are matte, semi gloss, high gloss. Semi gloss matte are most likely used on walls. High gloss usually for cabinets.

Paint store

Going to the paint store is where you will get your choose your color and get your paint. for a small room you will need 1-2 gallons, a medium sized room 2-3 and a large room 3-4.

To begin


1. you will need to wash your walls with soap and water to get ride of any grease, this will let the paint go on smoother

2. tape your walls to when you cut in the edges it doesn't get on the trim or ceiling

3. apply one coat of primer to your walls

4. apply one coat of your paint and let it dry completely

5. add more coats till the color is the way you like it

6. when paint is dry peel your tape

You will need..

Wash cloth, sponge

Painters tape

Paint roller, angled paint brush

Old towels