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Thursday PD: Parent Teacher Conferences + Report Card Update

Hey family -

Tomorrow at 2:30pm during our PD time, Adam Nadeau, VP of Achievement, will facilitate a session on our network's updated report cards, walk through the specific components on the report card as well as provide a general "talking points" agenda to cover with parents/families during report card conferences.

The Achievement Team is responsible for creating the report card for the network as well as the overall vision for Parent/Teacher Conferences when it comes to reporting out data to parents/families.

For returning teachers, the report card prep process does not include updating comments like it has in the past, so no worries about having to prepare student comments ahead of time.

The report card, per the Achievement Team, is in its final stages of confirmation, so I have asked Adam to facilitate a session with you all tomorrow afternoon so that you are not stressed about the report card conference prep and feel ready for next week to enter into conferences knowledgeable about the report card structure.

Overall, the most important factor to drive home in report card conferences is naming academic strengths, character/behavior strengths, academic gaps and character/behavior gaps so that next steps can be named for ways to support the student in making progress towards those goals.

Here is a sample agenda that I've followed in the past when conducting parent/teacher conferences with families. Returning teachers also have great ideas on how to structure these and Adam will also share out a general network format tomorrow. It helped me to stay focused on what needed to be covered in an efficient way while also creating a "next step" plan for partnering together with families for students.

We will meet in room 212 tomorrow beginning at 2:30pm for the network PD on report cards. Afterwards, April will review with us updates from the school operations team.

Thanks team and love you always,


Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling

Please be sure to give Ms. Barr a HUGE shout out, thank you and hug for creating the school-wide Parent Teacher Conference Schedule Tracker as well as a schedule sign up for parents/families!

Be sure to update your Parent Teacher Conference Schedule with times here. This tracker is also shared with Mrs. Rogers and Ms. Vega in the front office as well so that they can access when parents/families call to schedule conferences after you have sent home your initial outreach. Ms. Barr has created letters to be sent home to families to begin the process of scheduling families to sign up for conferences.

Please refer to the e-mails that she sent last week as well as today for more information about the flyers she has created, shared with the team and sent home to families. The flyer is already translated and ready to be customized by each teacher.

Also, remember that Parent Teacher Conferences can be conducted at school or via a home visit.

Check out the tab for Ms. Barr and Mrs. Potter on how they have scheduled families in and created their unique schedules to get them completed as way to get further guidance on how to schedule conferences!

If you have any questions or need further support with completing the schedule, please reach out to your coach to walk through the process with them. Do not hesitate to reach out!

Also, I will plan to meet with teachers at 4:00pm tomorrow to sit and go over Parent Teacher Conferences with them in regards to scheduling families, building out schedules to meet with each family, etc. so don't stress. Just please feel free to join during this at 4:00pm in room 212 if you'd like more support during this process.

Parent Teacher Conference Schedule