The GATOR Gazette August 2019

Publication 1:8/2/2019

Notes from Dr. Miller

Team Gompers Community

Welcome to August!!!!

August is here and it is slowly time to shift our minds toward the return to school. I don't know about you but I have had an AMAZING summer just enjoying life with family and loved ones and being out and about in the summer rays. During this time, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the goodness of life and all its' blessings.

As iterated in the initial GATOR GAZETTE in June, this will be our weekly bulletin and it will only be available in this online platform. All information about our school community will be housed in this document. The Gator Gazette will be sent weekly via email by Sunday morning for the upcoming week.

The Gazatte will include:

Instructional Focus Expectations

Access to Videos, Google Docs/Slidedecks and Google Forms for upcoming meetings that can be accessed via the bulletin but will also be housed in the Dr. Miller's Staff Google Classroom

School Protocols Expectations: GFS Green

Calendars for IEPS, SST, Assemblies

Notes/Updates from Counselor, Psychologist, PTA, District, etc.

Please note, over the next couple of months, we will "eliminate multiple and duplicate" calendars and information sources previously this will house all information.

In closing, I have had the opportunity to meet with some parents and some staff members over the past weeks and all I can say, deep love and commitment to Gompers is evident. At the change of principal workshop, one portion of the meeting shared what I needed to know about the Gompers Team:

* Gompers is awesome- we are all here for the long term

* Hardworking and collaborative staff

* Team Players

* Welcoming Staff

* PTA is involved

* We like to socialize and build a team

Gompers, I am ready, I am humbled and blessed to have found a new home and family.


Dr. Damita Myers-Miller -

#studentsaremywhy #180daysofwhy #thisiswhywedothis

What's your why??????

Big picture

1st Duty Day-August 27th:Things to Know

Staff Photo - Let's smile for the camera

Gompers staff/team members: certificated and classified will take a group photo on Tuesday, August 27. The picture will take place @ 10:30 am on Tuesday, August 27th in front of the school. An entire staff picture will be taken along with individual grade levels and departments.

A "new" Gomper Spirit T-Shirt has been ordered and will be placed in your teacher's mailbox, please wear blue jeans to accompany the Tshirt (thanks).

Summer "Selfie" Challenge

Bring your cellphone to the 8/27 "Opening Meeting" and be ready for the Gompers SELFIE "summer" CHALLENGE!

Staff Opening Agenda 8-27 @ 8:30 (draft)

Welcome and Selfie Challenge (15 min)

Creating Collective Efficacy as a K8 Community - LBUSD Understanding #5

- Instructional Vision and Focus (25 min)

Going GREEN: Culture of G- R- E - E - N Expectations:

- Creating Grade Level Lessons for Opening Procedures (Sounds Like and Looks Like) (50 min)

Dr. Miller challenge: #WHY #180daysofwhy #thisiswhywedothis: What is your why? (25 min)

**Please note this is a 2-hour meeting**

Creating - Common Lessons for School Collective Efficacy and Cohesion

In an effort to support a K8 community, Gompers will have a common language of expectations for our students, Guidelines for Success (GFS) aka as GREEN. Our GFS common language of scholarly achievement, social, behavior and civic engagement expectations supports a school that has the same message for all 750 student's success. Students will be held to the expectation of having Gompers PRIDE by following the GFS as identified through the acronym of GREEN.

Definition for Gompers Gators "go" GREEN

G = GRIT..going the extra mile, persevering to achieve

R = RESPONSIBILITY...accountable to one's actions in scholarship, social and behavior

E = EXPECTATIONS...belief that all can achieve to their maximum potential

E = ETHICS...doing what is right when no one is looking

N = NEIGHBORLY...caring about our community

Gompers’ Effective Implementation Practices: GFS Assemblies, GFS BOY Lessons, Levels of Infractions, Safe and Civil Team, Common Area Expectations w/One Liners, MS & 5th Grade Code of Conduct with Point System (developed over time)

More specific details will be given in the upcoming newsletters for the "how-to" in the creation of the lessons for the implementation for the 1st 5 days of school. **Please note, time will be given at the opening staff meeting for lesson development**

LBUSD U6: Gompers Staff "embrace" each GATOR in relationships!

Change of Principal/Leadership Updates/Details - June 24, 2019

The entire Gompers community will be a part of working collectively to support our school change aka "little tweaks" process to support Going GREEN and GREAT through shared leadership opportunities. This is and will not be an overnight process this is a 3 to a 5-year longitudinal plan of collective action.

Change Theory

Quick Fixes as identified by "select staff representatives"

* Uniforms and Cell Phone Policy

* Communication and Calendars

* Adjunct duties

Long Term Fixes as identified by "select representatives"

* Discipline

* School Safety

* Safe and Civil Training and Application

* Beautification

19-20 Payroll Changes....Be in the Know!

Please review video to understand how this change may affect your personal finances

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community...