By: Maddox Swanstrom


In the book a asteroid is projected to hit the moon, and it does but the asteroid was bigger than thought. People were so excited to see it happen but once it happened the whole world wished it really hadn't. The moon was knocked closer to Earth. Everything went wrong and the world might have been coming to an end. The crash caused many problems. There were tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic explosions and more. Miranda is the main 16 years old and has two brothers, Matt and Jonny. Matt is in college and Jonny is 13. Everybody is going crazy about the moon incident, so Miranda's mom decided to go shopping. Gangs and criminals were also getting away with destroying and stealing things from people's houses.


This diary takes place in Miranda's house in a town call Howell in Pennsylvania. She and her family mostly spend the most time in the house. Also Miranda goes to Millard's pond as much as she can so she can spend time with Dan.
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I think the main theme of the story is survival. Everybody in the story up until the meteor hit the Moon was struggling to survive. Everybody thinks that they will be able to adapt and soon survive, but they really wouldn't. They would all have to be smart like Miranda's mom and go out shopping for food and other supplies.


Long story short, Miranda and her family were on a fight for survival. They got as much food and supplies as possible. They had enough food but almost ran out. They got prepared for winter and almost didn't make it. Matt, Jonny and Mom got sick and Miranda had to take care of them. Then at the very end Miranda went down to town and found a yellow sheet and it led her to people with food.
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