Friday Focus

June 3, 2022

In this Issue:

  • A Message from Marcie
  • IXL Summer Challenge
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Summer 2022 Digital Tools Access
  • Searching for Subs
  • Reminder for 5th Grade Families
  • Fees for 2022-23

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A Message from Marcie

Happy Friday, South Park!

When I think back to how this school year began, it feels like a distant memory. With our students eating lunch beneath large white tents and smiling behind their face masks, we did our best to make school feel as normal as possible as we navigated another year of teaching and learning with COVID. I am so proud of our students and staff for all they have accomplished, despite some of the obstacles we faced throughout the year.

This spring, our staff engaged in writing a new mission and vision to bring South Park into the future.

South Park's new vision will be:

Cultivate both individual strengths and collaborative relationships across our South Park community to develop the social-emotional and academic skills needed by our students for lifelong success.

South Park's new mission will be:

To champion every child in reaching their full potential.

For us to accomplish our new mission and vision, a number of teachers and staff members will be stepping into different roles or positions next year. These changes give our talented staff the opportunity to share their strengths with new and different colleagues. In addition, these changes will allow us to build our capacity as a school to maximize student learning. We are excited about what the future will bring!

To our 5th grade families who will be moving on to middle school, thank you for all of your support, especially these past 2+ years. We can't wait to hear what the future brings for your children.

Wishing you a fun, safe, and restful summer!


IXL Summer ☀️ Math Challenge

Students entering grades 3-8 will be given the opportunity to participate in our optional IXL summer math challenge. This work is not mandatory, nor should it be considered new learning, however, we encourage students to give it a try. The math challenge has been designed to include specifically chosen skills that will offer a review of previously taught standards and extra practice with the standards that build a foundation for the following year.

All students who participate will receive a small prize in the fall of 2022.

Summer ☀️ Reading Program 2022

Summer reading at the Deerfield Public Library is back again! This event will take place for all students. You do not need to be a Deerfield resident or have a library card to participate. The theme this year is Read Beyond the Beaten Path. The event runs from June 4 - July 30. All students who complete the program will receive a free book for participating and will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize! Sign up on the Deerfield Public Library website.

Summer ☀️ 2022 Digital Tool Access Information

The digital tools in the table below can be accessed on a personal (home) device by going to and entering the student’s dps109 email address and animal password (school-issued) OR by using a Clever badge if you have one. Students should know their animal password. On your personal iPad, you can install the Clever app as well if you would like. Other digital tools used throughout the year (not listed in the table) that require a Google sign-in with a dps109 email may be used as well (i.e. WeVideo, CoSpaces Edu, Worldbookonline, etc.)

Please note: some features of the individual digital tools may become disabled throughout the summer as the companies make updates to their product in preparation for the 2022-2023 school year.

Information regarding student emails, passwords, and graduation years:

Students' emails are their first name + last name + graduation year @

Exceptions are longer name combinations. For those, it would be first initial + last name + graduation year @

All passwords are an animal + 4 digits

Graduation year:

K: 2034

1st: 2033

2nd: 2032

3rd: 2031

4th: 2030

5th: 2029

*the above grade levels refer to the 2021-22 school year


  • Reading Eggs - K-1
  • RAZ PLUS - K-2
  • ST MATH - K-5
  • IXL Reading - 2-8
  • IXL Math - K-8
  • Exact Path - 2-5
  • Newsela - 3-8
  • Big Ideas Math Skills Trainer - K-8

Searching for Subs

We are searching for a few more regular subs to join our Guest Teacher Pool for 2022-23. If you know someone who would like to become a regular guest teacher in our amazing school, please send them to Dr. Faust!

Reminder for 5th Grade Families

Fifth Grade families, please make your child's medical appointments now to have their health and dental forms submitted BEFORE starting 6th grade.

Fees for 2022-23

Fees for the 2022 - 2023 school year are posted to Family Access and are due July 1. Please see detailed fee information here. Parents/guardians of 5th-grade parents received an email regarding Outdoor Education fees for Camp Duncan. A Camp Duncan reminder is below.