Christopher Columbus

~ Good or Bad ~

Why did Christopher Columbus Go on his Exploration?

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer. Like most explorers Columbus set sail in search of God, Gold, and Glory. He believed he could reach Asia by sailing west instead of east around Africa.

What issues did Columbus Face on the Way There?

Columbus and his shipmates experienced lack food, rough waters, and holes in his ships.

What did Columbus Do That Was Smart?

One thing that Columbus did that was smart was when he landed in the Americas he established a colony for Spain, he took the first step in creating an immense trade network.

What Did Columbus Do That Was Dumb?

Columbus was not smart because he brought over diseases. Smallpox is a European disease, so the Natives of North America were not immune to the disease and most of them got sick and died.

Is Christopher Columbus a Good or Bad Person

Christopher Columbus is a good person because when he landed on the Americas he set up a trade network that brought more goods and people to the land. I think he is a good person but he made bad decisions.