Dust Bowl Happening Again?

Flyer made by: Alaina & Kiersten

How did the first Dust Bowl happen?

The Dust Bowl occurred because of severe drought and strong wind erosion. Over use of the land forced nature to strike back at us. With the grass destroyed and soil dried up, the land became a desert. “The 150,000-square-mile area, encompassing the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and neighboring sections of Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, has little rainfall, light soil, and high winds, a potentially destructive combination” (http://www.history.com/topics/dust-bowl ). During the Dust Bowl, 60 percent of the people left the region because they wanted to get away from all the dust.”During the drought of the 1930s, with the grasses destroyed, the soil dried, turned to dust, and blew away eastwards and southwards in large dark clouds. At times the clouds blackened the sky, reaching all the way to East Coast cities such as New York and Washington, D.C. Much of the soil ended up deposited in the Atlantic Ocean”(http://www.eoearth.org/view/article/151818/ ).

Could another Dust Bowl occur?

So 2015 has been wondering.. Could another Dust Bowl happen? It could possibly happen because of the California drought this could affect the U.S. which then would possibly cause another Dust Bowl. The droughts in the summer have been increasing every year for about 20 years straight the summers get more and more dry each year. Since the south have hot summers anyways, the heat that California is bringing isn't helping the south to not have droughts. "Overall, the Western droughts affects more than 52 million people, the monitor says," (CNN). With the heat then it carries out to the rest of the U.S. which then can possibly put them in a drought also just depends on how severe the heat is. The closest severe drought would be Texas and Oklahoma which would affect us in Arkansas since there our neighboring states. The peak of the droughts are in the summer month of July or sometimes August. "37% of the contiguous U.S. was in a drought in April when it should be when all the rain is in the spring," (NY Times).
In the 2015 summer, the drought severity has been going back up like in 2012-13 summers. So the odds are pointing to that yes, one year we will experience a somewhat like weather of the Dust Bowl.

How to prevent another Dust Bowl

You may not think its possible but there are ways to prevent a Dust Bowl from happening again. Some things include just a monthly check to see if any of your pipes are leaking, and running only full loads of laundry and dishes. When you simply boil water you can recycle that by using it to water your plants. Making sure that reservoir levels aren't going down and keeping track of when it's at the lowest levels to then fulfill the level back to what it supposed to be at the regular points. And I know it may be hard but not taking a long pampering bath will save a lot of water and money so instead you can take a quick shower. I think if you can do these small things it will help the earth stay healthy and prevent a Dust Bowl.

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