Reiki & Restorative Yoga Fusion

with Carrie Ann Chapman

Saturday, December 1st @ PURE

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that enhances the natural healing system of the body. It creates relaxation and a sense of well being. When one receives Reiki their brain goes into an alpha state similar to that experienced during meditation or right before falling asleep.

Students will be lead through classic restorative yoga poses that create gentle openings, and facilitate bringing the body back into natural alignment. The body will be fully supported in each pose allowing the muscles to relax and open while encouraging the release of tension and stored up toxins that can cause illness. While in these poses, students will be receiving hands on Reiki.

The fusion of Reiki and restorative poses combine for a powerful night of healing and ultimate relaxation!

Please bring a towel or cushion to use as a supportive prop.

Saturday, December 1st


$15/ $12 for member

Carrie Ann Chapman

Reiki Practicioner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Healing Coach