Gamble/Charland 4th Grade News

Game On!

What we've been up to...


We made it through our division unit! Once we are back from winter break, we will begin our geometry unit. We will be classifying shapes and angles, as well as measuring and creating angles using protractors. Please make sure your child begins bringing their protractor to school (if they have one)! I have plenty of extras as well!


We have continued our focus on nonfiction text. The students practiced "close reading" and note-taking with an article about The Great Chicago Fire all week long! The kids read the article on 3 separate days, each day gaining a deeper understanding about author's purpose, context clues. figurative language, main idea, and supporting details. We also practiced the important skill of note-taking during our Social Studies block while learning about the branches of government. To help with the note taking process, the students were expected to keep a three-column chart tracking "important ideas", "interesting information", and a summary of their learning. We plan to continue our nonfiction focus with a research paper after the winter break.


We took a break from Rocks and Minerals this week to work on our class science project which was "electrifying." We went through the different steps of picking a project topic, figuring out a question, learning about our topic (conductors and insulators with electricity), writing a hypothesis, and keeping data. If your child needs an example of how to do their own project, ask them to bring home their science journal!

Updates and Reminders

Science Fair Information:

  • The Science Fair is fast approaching! You student should have brought home a yellow information packet earlier in the week.
  • Students should register their project on the Combs' website by Tuesday, January 5th.
  • The Science Fair is on Thursday, January 14th.
  • Students must also bring in a "report" with their project. I would like for them to take all information on their Science Boards (question, background information, hypothesis, data, conclusions, etc.) and compile it into one word document. They will turn in this word document to me on the same day they turn in their board. There will be no reflection piece needed in their reports (they will reflect in class). Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Outer Banks Field Trip:

  • You will find a blue Outer Banks Information form in your child's Friday Folder.
  • The dates of the trip are Tuesday, April 26-Wednesday, April 27.
  • The cost of the trip is $160. Both students and chaperones must pay the $160 fee.
  • Please fill out the bottom of the sheet indicating whether or not your child plans to attend, and whether or not you plan to chaperone. This will help us keep tabs on our numbers! A $40 deposit is due by January 22nd from both students and chaperones. The remaining balance must be paid by March 18th.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday, December 17--Movie Field Trip @9:45, class party in afternoon
  • Friday, December 18--Early Release @12:20
  • Monday, January 4--Back from Winter Break!
  • Friday, January 22--$40 Deposit due for OBX Field Trip