Weir Nation News

January 2016



We KICK off 2016 with a HUGE CLOSE and a JAMMIN' JANUARY. So proud of our team of difference Makers.

Please join me in celebrating the following consultants on an amazing month and a BIG welcome to all of our new consultants.

First Step District Manager

Patricia Bennett

Danielle McGhee

Stephanie Martinez

Melissa Greer

Kim Collins

Lisa Sandroni

Shelia Lively

Gina Fremont

Earned Strong Start:

Danielle McGhee – Month 1 Arbonne Bag

Shannon Stewart – Month 1 Arbonne Bag

Paige Polk – Earned Month 2 and 3 and GRADUATED with $700 of products

Anna Westling – Earned all 3 months

NEW District Manager

Susie Morgan

Paige Polk

Anna Westling

District Manager Bonus ($200):

Kim Gartman

Janya Rogers

Amber Kidd

Kristina Weir

Kim Willis

Kim Maloney

Kathy Dowdy

Area Manager & Regional Vice President Bonus ($600):

Kristina Weir


Melissa Skees

Kathy Dowdy

IPAD DRAWING (chances)

Kim Willis (3)

Mel Whitfield (2)

Abbey Bridges (1)

Donna Lishen (1)

Janya Rogers (3)

Kim Gartman (1) **** WINNER

Shelia Lively (1) **** WINNER

Paige Polk (2)

Kim Maloney (1)

Kim Willis (3)
Amber Kidd (3)

Melissa Skees (1)

Sponsoring Stars ***

Paige Polk - 10

Kim Willis - 8

Janya Rogers - 7

Megan Roberts - 6

Annay Westling - 6

Kathy Dowdy - 5

Donna Lishen - 5

Shelia Lively - 5

Top Central District QV

Kathy Dowdy - $15,062

Kerry Blankenship - $11,990

Kristina Weir - $11,647

Amber Kidd $10339

Kim Maloney - $8,805

Blair Curtis - $7,502

Janya Rogers - $7,057

Kim Willis - $6,947

Mel Whitfield - $5,630

New Clean Eating/Detox Groups Starting for February & March!

Our Clean Eating program is the BEST!

The new year is here and there are many people who resolved to get healthier but still need help, still need a plan!! We have the perfect solution! Our next two 30 day clean eating/detox groups start and February 15th is perfect to help folks get ready for Spring Break!

Our next groups are February 15, and March 7th

The majority of success that I have had getting people to jump in to one of our groups has happened by reaching out one of five different ways:
1) Called and invited them to a healthy living "happy hour". I try to host 2 of these a month. If you host and invite, they will come...eventually!
2) Shared one of the links below with them (works well if they live far away)
3) Talked about the program in general along with a few of the nutrition products during the Core presentation at a group presentation someone hosted for me
4) Someone saw me occasionally share success stories, recipes etc on social media and contacted me.
5) Referral from a detox participant, past and present.

Here are my favorite links to share

Clean Eating for busy people with Dr Deanna Osborn (great for people who want a physician’s perspective)

Only 10 minutes – AWESOME overview with real life people!!! Just found this one and I LOVE it!

Big image



Come CELEBRATE YOU and our team in Tupelo.

Our WEIR NATION Celebration Champagne Celebration is on Saturday, February 27, at th TUPELO COUNTRY CLUB. We are thrilled to have a very special visitor Stian Morck, son of Arbonne founder Peter Morck, and our upline ENVP Gina Ballew and ENVP Ann Wandishin.

For tickets see the link below.

ALSO - Note there are two seperate tickets to purchase -

Weir Nation Champagne Celebration and the

Manager dinner is for Weir Nation Managers.
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Arbonne's Annual Global Training Conference , Las Vegas, April 14-16

Get to GTC April 14-16! You can earn GTC! Register before it sells out and then set a goal to earn your registration right back! This is one of the very best things you can do for your business! History tells us that those who attend GTC have 13 times more earnings and have 16% more sponsoring. You can't believe how great it will be for your business!
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