Heatin the Summer up with GOT!

Summer is a great time to get fit in mind, body, and soul!

Highlight of GOT Summer Camp

Girls On Target Summer Camp is an event not to be missed! Not only will camp week get girls moving and motivated, camp will evoke inspiration and confidence. Girls spend each day learning and practicing fitness circuits, yoga, and relaxation techniques. Prior to jumping into fitness activities, girls will set a goal for the day based on the theme for that day's workout. Themes range from obvious connections to working out, like "Strength", to less obvious themes, like "Kindness", where girls are encouraged to show kindness to themselves so that they can then be kind to those around them.

GOT Summer Camp is an amazing way to wind down the summer in an effort for girls to be confident and motivated when a new school year rolls around. GOT Summer Camp is unique to others in that girls are encouraged to engage in all around wellness...the working out of mind, body, and soul. Not only that, but GOT teaches girls how to use the environment around them to stay fit and healthy. Girls can take what they learn and apply it on their own. Finally, GOT Summer Camp demonstrates how awesome fitness can feel when done with friends in an encouraging and inspiring environment.

GOT Summer Camp is run by sisters, Saree Zweifel-Solberg and Shannon Zweifel who have had fitness as a central part of their lives since being little girls. Both girls work in the fitness and health industry and both girls are also educators, making teaching fitness and spending time encouraging younger girls the perfect recipe for successful leadership.

GOT Summer Camp is almost here, so click below to stay happy, get fit, and get GOT!

- GOT Summer Camp 2013: July 29-August 2nd, 9am-1pm, Doyle Park in UTC, Grades 4-12

As always, request a class for your neighborhood, or book your private fitness lesson today by emailing girlsontarget@gmail.com.


GG'S are special days for girls to get together and be girls!

GOT GG's combine hiking, yoga, and an art project for a fun afternoon of hanging with the girls. Not only do GG's get girls up and moving, but Girls Gatherings also get young women to be creative and inspired. Every gathering is focused around an art project and theme. For example, a theme of "strength" may be very present in our hike and our yoga practice, and to complete the theme, we may create a collage based around strengths we see in ourselves for an art project.

Girls Gatherings allow ladies an opportunity to spend an afternoon doing healthy and fun activities with one another in a space that completely ignores competition, rather, encourages appreciating individuals and the unique qualities each has to offer. Girls Gatherings are the perfect way to know your daughter is entertained, making good choices, using her mind, and getting a workout to boot!

August 31st is GOT's next GG. Don't miss out! End the summer with some girl bonding over exercise and art. Click here to sign up :-) http://www.girlsontarget.com/classes/yoga-workshops/

Get Fall Dates on the Calendar!

- GOT Circuit classes will be held at Mt. Acadia Neighborhood Park in Clairemont from 3:15-4:15pm on Thursdays, September 19-November 21.

- GOT Circuit classes will also be held at Doyle Community Park in UTC from 3:00-4:00pm on Sundays, September 22-November 24

- Yoga Workshop 10am-noon October 26

Can't Get Enough GOT? Check us out at any of the places below!

Stay happy, stay fit, get GOT!