Buy the torpedo today!Made in 1866

Asking price is only 29.037683967252487087435870 candy canes

The torpedo is a descendant of the powerful and effective floating mine!!

be prepared for any war another civil war may be coming north or south we don't care (unless you don't pay us 29.037683967252487087435870 in raw candy canes) !!!

Our finest model can travel up to 2 miles now that will send your enemies running, you'll be prepared for any war!!!

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The Australian government was the first to invest in our fine product.

I know you're thinking yeah right the torpedo something totally.

Would you want all our enemies coming in from sea and just docking then walking out would you? No the torpedo is a 2-in-1 bomb and missile that can be shot from a boat!
Our first model could only travel at 6.5 knots and only travel up to 200 yards

The mark 13 was an aerial torpedo dropped from the skies

The inventor of this fine product was the one the only Robert Whitehead!

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Robert Whitehead a fine man

concerning the price...

We only except candy canes 24 carrot all natural candy canes we expect you to pay exactly the asking price all the way down to the 0.000000000000000000007 no exceptions.

The fine people who made this smore possible.

Aiden Synnerog, Galen Steege, Nolan North, probably the most importantly the candy cane, and last but not least I Josh