What was the change ?

The scientific Revolution changed the way many people thought of things.The universe was no mystery anymore.It made many people dought their religous changed the way people viewd science from negetive(-) to positive(+).This revolution countiued weaking the church.But,the dibate still countiues today .

who were the people associated with the change ?

There were many people associated with this great time in period.But,the major once were Galilo (invented the telescope),Nicholas Cpernicus (Heliocntric thoery:earth evolves arond the sun),Sir Issic Newton(laws of motion/gravity),Sir Francis Bacon (scientific method),With out these basic dicoverys we wouldnt have all the advance science we have now.

How did the change impact society at the time ?

The scientific Revolution was obvisily the mark of a new way of thinking and seeing things .It helped establishe new methonds and theorys,such as the scintentific method and Heliocntric thoery.It also lead to many technologies that became very improtant including standardized currency, refillable gift cards, and receipt paper.Many people during this time started converting into new religiouns or groups because of all the new advances in science.

How is that change evidenced in today modern society ?

People now a days are more open to learn about new things beacuse of the scientific revolution.It also helped give people the option to belive in a religion or bealive in facts .In mmodern society our childer learn about all these diffrent belives to give them an option and let them have a say in what they will bealive .In science or religion?