Oregon Trail Smore Project

Day 1

On April 15, 1854 was when my wagon train set off on the Oregon trail with many supplies and of course my amazing family. I am the father of Juan pedro jr, juan carlos pedro dos santos jr III, and my lovely wife Dianna Pedro. On are journey we came across a river. We could ford the river or take the fairy and pay 25 dollars to the indian. My family decided to pay for the fairy and take it safe.

Once we crossed the river on the fairy there was a gambling opportunity. Of courseI took the chance and gambled for the prize. I had to face other competitors from the other trains like Evan. We had to to leg lifts and keep them up in the air as long as possible. First to go out was Sophia and then Ellie. Then it was just me and evan left. Of course the indian missed judged and did not see Evans foot touch the ground so I lost a few seconds later. Although I lost are wagon train didn't lose anything.

Day 2

After are hard work in Day 1 we stopped at a stream to eat lunch and get hydrated. After are delicious lunch we got back on the trail. A member in are train got run over by one of the wagons and broke his leg very bad fortunately are train member should be okay in 2-3 weeks.Then we went hunting for the day I shot 10 pounds of meat. For each rifle we got 500 points.

After are hunting session we moved forward on the trail. suddenly we crossed three new trails which meant the trail we just took came to an end. The Indian said that the first trail was dangerous. He said the second trail was even more dangerous. So are wagon train decided to take the third trail which was safe and never been attacked by Indians. But sadly the trail was longer so it would take are train longer to get to the next trail.

Day 3

As we started on are trail we came across native Americans and they wanted to trade.We said no because we did not need anymore supplies. We had to get rid of 75 dollars because are wagon tipped over. After are wagon tipped over we went hunting again. I came back with the shot of the day! which was thirty pounds of buffalo.

When we were done with are second trail we lost a lot of time compared to the other wagon trains. Once we got to the Shyan river there was a fairy waiting for us but You could also forge the river and not have to pay 40 dollars. I decided to take the fairy and make sure I was safe and my family.We had to get rid of 10 pounds of weight from each family member so we could barricade ourselves and fight the Indians.

Day 4

My wagon train group came across three new trails. We decided to take the massacre trail so we could get to were we wanted faster than all the other wagon trains. One of are wagon train members fell off there wagon train into a cactus yikes! fortunately he survived and got all the cactus needles out of his back. My orphan son Juan Pablo died of cholera because he must have been dehydrated or somebody else drank out of the same drink. We burried him and gave him are prayers.

As we moved on from my sons death there was a landslide barricading the trail. Fortunately we packed good gear and are wagon train all had pick axes and shovels which made it take about and hour to clear the landslide. Are wagon train group had to get ride 100 pounds of weight so we could travel fast through the Hatis dessert. We had to make a decision if we went for the path straight away we could get to rich land. So my group went for the path straight to Oregon. Its freezing up here were all dying we got barricaded by the snow and were stuck HELP US PLEASE!