Coop/McG Class Update!

Week of 9/12/16

Week four already?

It's hard to believe that we are in our fourth week of school already! Time sure does fly when you're having fun! :) Please read below for information about this week. Enjoy!

Class Facebook Page

Please like our class Facebook page...4th Grade Rocks with Cooper and McGregor.

We will use this page to share information and pictures. :)

Monday Folders

Monday Folders go home each Monday. Please make sure to check your child's folder for graded work and important school information.

Reading / Vocabulary Homework

Mrs. Cooper still had a big handful of students that did not turn in their homework on Thursday. If students turned it in on Friday, it was considered late and ten points off. Some students turned in the homework with the reading log filled out but did not fill out the vocabulary on the back.

Because it is the beginning of the year and most students are trying to get back into the groove of things, please help by giving them a reminder about homework. Thank you so much!

Parent Conferences

Thank you to those of you who have signed up for a parent conference. If you have not, please make sure to fill out a time and send the sheet back with your child. We are starting conferences on Monday! Please make sure that if you can't make it, you let us know as soon as possible. Scheduling 42 conferences is very time consuming, and we do our best to fill every slot! When you arrive, please come through the front doors. If they are locked for some reason, please knock on the front doors of the 4th grade pod. We will come open them for you!

We are looking forward to meeting with you and bragging about your child!

This Week in Class (Week of 9/12/16):

Read Aloud: The Books of Elsewhere (The kids are LOVING it!)

Writing: Ideas - continuing to realize that ideas for writing are all around us!

Reading: Good reading strategies to do while reading (connecting, mental images, etc.); "thin" and "thick" questions...terms to ask your child about are "green light moments" and "hot spots"

Grammar: Complete subjects and complete predicates; adjectives

Math: Adding and subtraction with estimation (Mon and Tues). Wednesday will be a big review day. Thursday will be their first bundle test!

Social Studies: none

Science: Forms of energy...will begin with mechanical and continue to electric

Upcoming Events at Greens Prairie:

Help Kinder Learn Their Colors:

* Monday, 9/12 - wear blue

* Tuesday, 9/13 - wear purple

* Wednesday, 9/14 - wear pink

* Thursday, 9/15 - wear black

* Friday, 9/16 - wear NEON COLORS (the school color day is actually BROWN, but since this is our Fun Run Glow in the Dark day...I say we wear NEON! Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. McGregor are encouraging each student to dress up!! It is a FUN day!! Tutus, high knee socks, etc.


* Thursday, 9/15 - 3:15-4:15

Boosterthon Fun Run:

Our Boosterthon fundraiser has been a huge success, but we have more work to do, and more money to raise to get to our goal! Remember, every student with $2.00 per lap in pledges, or a flat $60 in pledges from this weekend, will receive a cool pair of Flip Frame sunglasses as a special prize!

Our pledges aren't just raising money for the school! They are helping us reach our goal of $35,000 so we can turn Mrs. Bairrington, and a yet to be named teacher, into a human ice cream sundae!! We have 6 days left to hit our goal!

Thank you for all of your support, and for helping your students take part in giving back to their school!

As always, thank you for sharing your child with us!