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Volume 6 November 18, 2016

Principal's Meeting

Great to see everyone this week at the monthly Principal's meeting! For those of you that were out here is a short summary:

  • We had a presentation on literacy partners and who will be supporting the district. For more information please contact Amy Hagen or Cindy Brackmeyer.
  • We had a presentation on edbacker online fundraising check it out:
  • We gave input and discussed what an action plan for teachers should look like and what we should use for a growth plan. For details please contact Marivel Sedillo.
  • I discussed big rocks! As we all know strong instruction and student progress. Keep it simple!

Superintendent of the YEAR! Kevin Brackmeyer

Manor ISD and Manor High School were recently recognized at the Austin Chamber of Commerce State of Education luncheon, which featured today’s top education drivers, efforts to improve high school outcomes and the focus on preparing students for college and the workforce.

The District is proud to announce that Superintendent Kevin Brackmeyer was selected as the 2015 Superintendent of the Year. Manor ISD also received the Greatest Improvement in Direct-to-College Enrollment Rate award, which increased from 46 to 51 percent. In addition, Manor High School was awarded the Highest ApplyTexas Submission Rate by Enrollment.

“I am honored and grateful to have been selected as Superintendent of the Year and would like to thank the outstanding staff at Manor ISD who have joined me in an effort to provide endless opportunities and avenues to success for each and every student in Manor ISD,” said Kevin Brackmeyer.

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From the desk of Bilingual Department

This week we’d like to share a resource to help clarify how Title III funds can and cannot be spent.

There have been some practices in our district that will need to be changed so that we can be in full compliance with the guidelines for expenditures of Title III monies.

One of these practices is the reimbursement of teachers for the cost of the ESL Certification test.

Here is the guidance, the source of which can be found here:

Can Title III funds be used to pay for teachers to get ESL-certified?

This would be allowable, provided that the LEA’s efforts are above and beyond what is required under State policy. For example, Title III funds may not go towards meeting the State-required use of 10% of the state bilingual education allotment (BEA) for training if the LEA has been approved for a bilingual exception or ESL waiver.

  • It is allowable to use Title III funds to support certification by providing preparation for the certification test. Title III funds may also be used to pay teacher stipends to attend certification preparation training. However, LEAs should use internal controls when disbursing and accounting for any stipends and should pay them at the completion of the training.
  • It is not allowable for a school district that is under a bilingual exception or ESL waiver to use Title III funds for this training. School districts under a bilingual exception or ESL waiver are required to use 10% of its BEA for certification training. It would raise a supplanting violation if these LEAs were to use Title III funds for this training.
  • It is not allowable to use Title III funds to pay for the cost of the certification test or for having the certification added to the teacher’s certificate.

We are in the process of reviewing the guidelines and making determinations about procedures and practices that meet our needs by motivating teachers to become certified. For now, we will reimburse teachers for the cost of the certification test once they have taken, passed and added the ESL Certification to their certificate. We will cover this with local funds. We will outline a new policy for 2016 and share that with you in January. Thank you for your patience and support.

Meredith Roddy

Bilingual/ESL Director


Manor ISD

“Every Student. One Mission. Our Future."

From the desk of HR

The board approved our interim director, R.C. Herrin, to lead Facilities and Construction until we hire a new F & C director. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call on him. In addition, the board approved Ms. Carla Stevens. She will be serving as our new Director of Purchasing. Please help us welcome both R.C. and Carla! We are very lucky they have joined our MISD family.

Principals: THANK YOU for working collaboratively to draft our Improvement plan template. Your input and feedback was invaluable.

Happy THANKSGIVING! Enjoy your time off, and REST....

Marivel Sedillo

Human Resources

Manor ISD

(512) 278-4021


  • Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Meeting December 2, 2015, Board Room 4:30pm
  • STAAR EOC Algebra 1, Biology, US History, English 1- 2 Re-test December 7-11 all High School Campuses
  • Next Principal's Meeting December 14, 2015
  • Congratulations Shadow Glen Elementary for Winning the Superintendent's Harvest Challenge 5,422 items!

Quote for the Week!

"The question confronting most schools and districts is not, "What do we need to know in order to improve? but rather, Will we turn what we already know into action?"

Learning by Doing