Holiday Spirit

The Best Christmas Ever

By:Delaney Eden

On the night before Christmas right before bed we watch Christmas shows on T.V. Like Rudolf with the blinking red nose, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown with hilarious Snoopy the dog, and last but not least Frosty the snowman that goes thumpety thump thump down the road. Then when I wake up in the morning I turn on the T.V. to listen to Christmas songs!
then out comes my sister from her room then out comes my brother from his room. We all race to mom and dads room to jump on them and yell it’s Christmas!! We all looked in our stockings were all very excited like a bunch of wild animals. Then there is also some presents on the fire place for us those presents are under our stockings so we know witch one is ours. Then we open our presents from mom and dad. One year my brother got a drum set, I got an American Girl doll, and my sister got a big really cool coloring book.
We always bake cookies for Santa so we all looked at the plate it was all empty except for one half of a cookie. We always set a plate of carrots and celery out on the deck for the reindeer. Santa set a note on the plat were the cookies were and it said the cookies were delicious but the reindeer didn’t really like the celery because it was too chewy. But the carrots were very good! They also said to put out the carrots again next year.
Then some times after that my grandma and grandpa come over to see our presents and us. They always ask what the presents do. My brother said “look grandma see how loud I can bang on my drums” my brother has always loved to play the drums, I said “grandma look how much my American Girl looks like me” grandma said yes she looks like you alot, and my sister said “look at my new coloring book”grandma said that is cool. Then grandma said “I love all your presents”. Then I colored a little bit with my sister. After that we had some treats. Then my grandma and grandpa said goodbye!
I don’t know about you but I think it was an awesome 2012 Christmas! I love Christmas!
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